Hannah Thomas Birthday Bash at Eddie’s Attic

Hannah Thomas brought some “Fuel For the Fire” to kick off her birthday bash at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia.  Fire is the perfect metaphor for tonight’s show.  Hannah Thomas has a smoky voice and enough energy on stage to set it and the crowd on fire.  By the end of the night, the usually quiet Eddie’s Attic crowd was on their feet clapping, singing and rocking out in the aisles.

Before Hannah Thomas hit the stage we enjoyed an opening performance by sixteen year old singer song writer Andi Kezh.  On stage Andi Kezh has a voice and spirit that goes beyond her years.  She held the audience throughout her performance, plugged her debut single “On Your Own” and directed listeners to the merch’ table after the show.  Each of those are signs of a veteran stage performer.  Should she choose a career in music, “On Your Own” will be the precursor to a rewarding career filled with many fans of her music.

The fresh new talent that is Andi Kezh was followed by a veteran of the stage.  Hannah Thomas has been performing on stage since an early age. She released her star studded third EP Fault Line in 2016.  The release of Fault Line  was when I first added her to my music library.  (Read our review of Fault Line and interview with Hannah Thomas here.)   Hearing Hannah Thomas raw and unfiltered on stage is a moving experience that takes one beyond the experience of her studio album.   You catch hints of her gritty balls to the walls style on tracks like “Gypsy Boots”,  “Put It out for Good” and “Sleep When I Die”  but… when seeing her live on stage her country sound with rock and punk influences makes for something uniquely Hannah Thomas.  I have to say that her unique something is something that I want to see and hear over and over again.  Fortunately, Hannah Thomas has a tour schedule that allows her fans to keep coming back for more of her signature style.

The night wasn’t only filled with scorching hot up tempo tunes.  Hannah Thomas is just as comfortable with down tempo slow songs.  Her smoky voice and lyrics to “Hey Baby” makes for a song worthy of tears.  I was truly moved as I heard her perform this song live.  Anyone that deals with the struggles of long distance love knows these words:

I know it’s late at night, and yeah, I’ve been drinkin’,
but you know every word I’ve said is from my heart.
I lie here talkin’ to you in the dark wishin’ I could hold you close and,
oh, oh, I can almost feel your skin and now I long
to taste that smile of yours again and again and again… “Hey Baby” – Hannah Thomas

Seeing Carly Gibson on stage as part of Hannah’s full band was a bonus.  You can catch her rocking out on guitar and vocals in her own solo project or as part of the Pussywillows.

Hannah Thomas “Fuel for the Fire”

Set List

Tonight’s set list included songs from 2016’s Fault Line, 2015’s Carousel On Fire and 2012’s Goodbye on Wasted Time.
Fault Line

“Church on Friday”
“Put It Out For Good”
“Gypsy Boots”
“Fuel For The Fire”
“God Help My Mama (I Turned Out Like My Dad)”
“Hey Baby”
“Sleep When I Die”
“Lie To Me”
“Watch Out for the Deer”

Hannah Thomas is a reminder of the quality of music that one can hear on stage in Atlanta night after night.  Venues like Eddie’s Attic need to be on every music lovers list of things to do from time to time.