Bon Jovi and Maradeen Live at Philips Arena

Tonight’s sold out Bon Jovi concert at the Philips Arena was packed with rock fans both old and young. There were quite a few women who brought their daughters to relive what I expect was their experience falling in love with Bon Jovi back in the 80’s. There was no shortage of Miss Me jeans, fresh hair styles and neatly manicured nails.  There were guys there also but almost every one I saw had a lady on his arm anxiously leading them to their seats.  Since 1983 Bon Jovi has been selling out shows with 3,000 concerts performed in 50 countries for more than 35 million fans.  Tonight was a special night for everyone at Philips Arena, including the opening act.

Maradeen performs at The Phililps Arena and opens for Bon Jovi! That’s probably a line that the rock and roll quintet from Nashville never dreamed anyone would be writing. Tonight was a night where dreams did come true for Maradeen. As you learned here at Libro Musica, they were selected over thousands of entries to become the opening act.

“We are beyond excited to meet the band and their fans and working with the arena staff to help put on an excellent show. This will certainly be our biggest platform to date, but we play every show with the mindset that it’s the most important. We have a regular practice schedule and are preparing for this as diligently as we would any other show.” – Maradeen

Maradeen seemed at home on stage as they opened up their set without fanfare and rolled into “Deal With the Devil”  This hard hitting song was the perfect one to introduce themselves to the crowd.  With it’s memorable chorus, and classic rock vibe, the crowd was soon jammin’ in their seats.  By they time they got to “Livin’ for the Weekend,” the song they used to win the contest to be featured in tonight’s show, Maradeen was owning the stage as if they were meant to perform before 20,000 fans.

Seeing Maradeen on stage at Phlips Arena show me that the band was ready to rise to any occasion that presented itself to the band.  I look forward to seeing them headline their or a similar venue soon!

You can hear more Maradeen on Spotify.

Maradeen Set List

Deal With the Devil
Livin’ for the Weekend
Always Want

Maradeen “Deal with the Devil” on Youtube

As a floor to ceiling image of the American flag was displayed, the Bon Jovi set kicked off with the title track of their current album, “This House is Not for Sale.”  The song continued as the imaged shifted to the album cover image.  I didn’t think that the roar of the crowd could have gotten any louder until the display rose and the crowd got a glimpse of Jon Bon Jovi and his band and I longed for my ear plugs!

“This one is really concentrating on the music, not so much video screens. It’s more about, we have such a body of work now, it’s really getting in all the songs and it’s about the band. … There’s definitely going to be a section (of songs) from the new record and we’ll have all the classics. We have, like, 90 some-odd songs to choose from. But there will be your favorites and we get to change it up ever  night, too.” David  Bryan

Bon Jovi held true to this as they worked their way through a selection of over 20 tunes from their catalog.  No excessive flash and glamour just 50+ year old front man Jon Bon Jovi and the band putting their musical talents on display.   Much to the joy of the fans in the arena, Bon Jovi closed out the night with “Livin’ on a Prayer.”  which hit number one on the Billboard Charts back in 1986.

Bon Jovi Set List

This House Is Not for Sale
You Give Love a Bad Name
Born to Be My Baby
We Weren’t Born to Follow
Lost Highway
Roller Coaster
Work for the Working Man
I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
We Got It Goin’ On
Who Says You Can’t Go Home
It’s My Life
We Don’t Run
God Bless This Mess
Scars on This Guitar
The Devil’s in the Temple
Lay Your Hands on Me
Blood on Blood
Have a Nice Day
Bad Medicine
Keep the Faith
Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
Wanted Dead or Alive
Livin’ on a Prayer

All in all a great night of music showcasing a band at the start of their career and one that shows how to maintain a successful one for over 30 years!

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