O.D.D. Rocks at Madlife Stage and Studios

O.D.D. at MadLife Stage & Studios in Woodstock, Georgia raised the energy level at MadLife for the night. To this hardcore hard rock fan and drummer, O.D.D. is a very welcomed experience. Atlanta Power Trio sums it up well…high energy, grass roots, no frills hard rock who’s power is rooted in everything that makes hard rock addictive. When I talked shop with the band they mentioned influences such as Kiss, Black Sabbath, Rush and Led Zeppelin which were loud and clear to me throughout their style… powerful grooves, tasty guitar and tight vocal melody. Within a set list of both high impact original tunes and a few select covers something else stood out to me as well as several audience members, the choice, arrangement and O.D.D. take on the medleys and segues of rock classics drawing the audience in even more.

The size of the stage and excellent lighting at MadLife Stage & Studios really fit the band.  Technically O.D.D. delivered a tight intense set never stepping over each other and these guys have the entertaining down as well. The crowd mixed with friends, other local musicians,  loyal fans and first timers were totally responsive and engaged… today with it being a challenge to have audiences put down their phones and pay attention it was a beautiful thing.

If you are OTP and looking for a great venue to hear live music be sure to check out MadLife Stage & Studios’ events calendar.

Interview with O.D.D.

Ken Reaves-Drums/Vocals
David Smith-Lead Guitar/Vocals
Michael Gunny- Bass/Vocals

Where did the name O.D.D. come from….meaning? O.D.D. stands for Oppositional Defiant Disorder and it is an actual condition that people are diagnosed or labeled with. It was mentioned in a casual conversation and we all just kind of looked at each other like…hmmmmm….that’ll work!!! So from there O.D.D. the band was diagnosed!

How long have you guys been playing together? We have been together as O.D.D. for about 3 years now. The 3 of us all share a long history in the Atlanta music scene dating back to the late 80’s where we all played in various bands. Ken on drums and Gunny on bass played in a band together for several years thru the early 90’s. We knew David from the various projects he was in but the 3 of us never played together back then. We all have long standing mutual respect for each other that predates O.D.D.

What’s the story of the art on Gunny’s bass? The artist is a long time friend of Gunny’s named Billy Ratliff, AKA Billy Ratt. He is a local legend in his own right in more of an underground, punk rock, L5P way that Gunny has known since about 1995. One day Gunny had a whim to have him paint his bass, a 1979 Fender Precision Bass that had been stripped down to the bare wood for years. He turned it over to Billy and just said, “call me when you’re done”, having no idea what he would do, just trusting him to turn it into something special, which he achieved beyond expectation and belief!!

Original tunes vs Covers, what’s your preference? Our preference is our original tunes of course because we believe we bring something different to what is currently happening, or not happening in the majority of rock and roll today. No tracks, no trickery, no fluff, just drums, guitar, bass, vocals and songs with a heavy groove, melody and an emphasis on vocals and vocal harmonies that are sung for real. Also lyrically the songs have something to say. David’s lyrics speak to very personal challenges and issues that we all face in life and have deeper meaning than just partying and chasing women. Now, we do enjoy our covers and like to put the O.D.D. spin on them by combining songs into medleys in unexpected ways and coming up with surprising ways to segue from one thing to another. Our medleys and segues are collaborative efforts that pretty much happen organically when we are jamming and then one thing leads to another and they take off from there.

What’s your favorite original tune? “The View”, which is actually one of the oldest O.D.D. songs written by David before Ken and I were even in the band. It pretty much embodies everything we love about our style of original music. It has several peaks and valleys and it builds to an epic end that makes it a very emotional journey. It’s one of the most challenging songs to do live but also one of the most rewarding!

Is there a message you want out there? We want people to feel energized and hopeful about confronting their personal challenges in life…to stay away from the “herd” mentality that gets shoved down everyone’s throat. Isn’t that what rock and roll is supposed to be about anyway? How do you want the crowd to feel when they leave? A slight ringing in the ears for starters!! We want people to feel like they went on a little voyage away from their daily problems and to walk away with the feeling that they just got their butt kicked by rock and roll in the most enjoyable way! We want the older folks in the crowd to walk away feeling like they did when they went to rock shows when they were teenagers and the younger folks to be like….”dang….those old dudes just kicked our ASS!!!” Ultimately, we want people to come away with the knowledge that Rock and Roll IS alive and well!!

Name an artist inspiration and album from each of you?
Ken – KISS KISS ALIVE I . Upon seeing and hearing that record, I was doomed!!
David – RUSH All the World’s a Stage. This record has been the foundation of everything musically for my entire life.
Gunny – IRON MAIDEN Killers. The opening bass riff to “Wrathchild” sparked me to start playing bass

How can folks find you? website: oddtheband.com FB: facebook.com/oddband YouTube channel under construction currently Of course you can always friend David on FB and he’ll give you his phone number. You can just call him up anytime!! Upcoming Projects We are currently in the editing process for a single release and video for the original song “Executive Order” Also we are writing and recording new songs for a full length LP and always working on booking more and more shows. The next big show is with Atlanta legends Stuck Mojo on March 25 at a new venue in Canton Georgia called The Revival.

Born from the desire to make an indelible mark on the world of rock and metal, O.D.D. was formed in 2013. Their collective desire to write heavy groove oriented songs combined with a melodic vocal layer is one thing that sets this crew apart. Based out of Atlanta, GA,  O.D.D. is a no frills, in your face act providing an arena-like experience to audiences everywhere. Influences like Kiss, Black Sabbath, Rush and Led Zeppelin are glaringly obvious when this trio breaks into songs from their debut self-titled EP.  O.D.D. have carved a nitch that lurks somewhere between hard rock and metal. Melodic vocals paired with heavy guitar riffs, pulsating bass and thunderous drums complete the experience referred to as a “Ride on a rocket propelled roller coaster”. See what it’s all about for yourself!

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