Carolina Rebellion Artist: Royal Republic Album ‘Any Given Sunday’

Malmӧ-based group Royal Republic will be playing Carolina Rebellion this year. Last year they released their latest album, titled Weekend Man, which was lauded for its fresh sound. The band has put out several videos for tracks on Weekend Man, including one for “Any Given Sunday.”06

The song revs up with drums, prolonging itself with the occasional burst of guitar chords retrofitted with just a hint of surf. The lyrics have that precision of delivery that serves as both a testament to Scandinavia’s impressive approach to foreign language education and to the effortless coolness of people who live surrounded by so much wood. The video depicts the life of a middle-aged man who lives between drinks between rides on his motorcycle. The viewer sees the man sharing his life with a woman who seems to understand him. Adam Grahn’s voice swoops through the chorus, like a bird soaring along with a drone in an uncommon friendship.

The visual pairing of alcohol and motorcycle suggests something dark and dangerous, but Adam’s measured delivery of the lyrics gives nothing away. These guys are secretive in a way that makes me want to hear more. When the break arrives, the guitar backs off a bit to let the vocals finally activate that part of my auditory cortex that has been primed, resulting in what I can only imagine is a delightful burst of neurotransmitter (the good kind).

2017 Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion

While Royal Republic spends much of their time touring throughout Europe, they’ll be playing shows stateside in May, including 2017 Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion. Check them out and add them to your Music Library.  In 2016, Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion had another record breaking year with over 90,000 fans in attendance.  If you missed last year’s Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion take a look at our coverage of Day One and Days Two & Three.

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