World Premier Video: “Wasteland” by Seersha

Singer, song writer and producer Seersha continues her break out into the music scene with the video for her single “Wasteland.”  See our review of the single “Wasteland”, here at Libro Musica.  We are happy to bring you the first look at this video shot just outside of Las Vegas.  Enjoy the video as Seersha ponders “What becomes of you and me?”

I had a chance to talk with Seersha about the video and her career in the music industry.  When asked about her choice to become a full time musician, Seersha responded with:

I never thought that music would be a career for me.   A lot of this comes from the traditional thinking that music isn’t a real job.  I went to school and did the corporate thing for a while.  Finally in 2014, I made the decision to give it a go.  I knew that if I didn’t try, I would always wonder what could have happened.” – Seersha

To think that we may have lost this great talent to a cubicle in corporate America!  Great music makes the world a better place and Seersha has done just that with this self produced track.

As she worked to find her own sound it was very empowering for her to produce the track herself.  Seersha’s nine years of classical piano lessons translated well to doing arrangements in Ableton.  She shared that as she worked to develop her workflow for the production it came easier than she expected.   What she loves about Ableton is the ability to create loops of each musical element and then pull the arrangements together.


The vocals and live bass for “Wasteland” were done at The Zone,  Billy Hume‘s studio in Norcross, GA.  Benjamin Williams (B.E.N.) played live bass on the record to give it a little more organic feel.   “Wasteland” is the first single off her soon to be released self-titled debut EP. The EP Seersha will be release on her independent label Fox Nose Records this May.  On her way to finalizing the EP, Seersha has created six songs with some remixes in the works.  The EP will continue along the chill emotive vibe of “Wasteland” with a few upbeat synth heavy tracks.  One to look out for will be “Did You” a traditional pop song with lots of synth’s for an 80’s throwback sound.

Be certain to add “Wasteland” to your music library and look out for Seersha in May.

You will see more of Seersha here at Libro Musica.  Starting in March, Seersha will be a guest writer as she shares some her favorite seven songs for the month.  Stay tuned for “Seersha’s Seven” on the 7th of each month.