New Music: Jonny Fritz – “Are You Thirsty”

The instrumental could be from The Eels. The vocals glide downward like country. And the lyrics, heartfelt and thoughtful, proffer succor to the suffering. The sound is warm like retro melted cheese on toast and cool like dramaturgical [iced] tea. In “Are You Thirsty” Jonny Fritz evokes a striking vignette of the object of his address, from a perspective of compassionate empathy. Perhaps not what one typically expects from a musician who runs with the country pack, but Jonny Fritz is far from typical. (And probably unlikely to run in another marathon with his new hip.)

You can hear “Are You Thirsty” on Jonny’s latest album, Sweet Creep. He’ll be at Neighborhood Theatre tonight with Joshua Hedley (a fantastic fiddler and an impressive vocalist). Add Jonny Fritz to your Music Library and hear some music that will further blur the lines between genres.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: