Jonny Fritz & Joshua Hedley at Neighborhood Theatre

Joshua Hedley opened the Neighborhood Theatre show, just a man with a guitar standing against a backdrop of the American flag, attached to the heavy black curtain with a collection of hooks and notebook clips in true noDa style. His voice boomeranged through the air, singing songs of heartbreak in a jaw-dropping warble as his tattooed fingers plucked and strummed.

After Josh finished his solo set, Jonny Fritz took the stage with the energy of someone who has just purchased a Prius.  This is a man who embraces life, thorns and all (with a rational curiosity about the thorny bits). He looks like someone who might know his way around a compost heap, too. He clutched the guitar close to his wiry frame, charming sweet music out of it, and delivered his irreverently relevant lyrics into the microphone. Meanwhile, Josh, bearded in a three-piece salmon-colored suit, fiddled the harmony. He’s not just any fiddle player, he deftly demonstrated that he knows his way around a harmonic. The pair played to a seriously delighted crowd, joking with the audience and with each other and graciously taking requests (Jonny stated it was fun for him) for a while before ending at a standing wall of applause.

Josh mentioned that he has an album coming out soon. Jonny’s latest album, Sweet Creep, is out now and belongs in the Music Library of anyone who appreciates stellar songwriting and an appreciation of good humor.


Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: