MadLife Stage with Interstellar Echoes: A Pink Floyd Tribute

Atlanta’s premiere Pink Floyd Tribute, Interstellar Echoes, pride themselves on very accurately reproducing the legendary catalog of Pink Floyd. Obsessed with the sounds, sights and lore of this global music icon, Interstellar Echoes go to great lengths to provide a well researched, well rehearsed and professionally performed live experience consisting of classic rock radio staples as well as deep cuts that will please even the most die hard of fans. We serve the Atlanta Metro area as well as the Southeast. Please join us for an unforgettable night of Pink Floyd classics – Interstellar Echoes

I was hyper critical going in, especially a band playing full sets of one my favorites, Pink Floyd..  Sometimes it’s not such a great thing to be a musician and go see a band, especially a Tribute Band.  Those of you who play know exactly what I mean.  As a musician one is often able able to catch every missed note, improper vocals and so on. This show was not one of those times!    After enjoying this show I have to agree 100% with what they say on their FB page: all the well known parts you expect to be there are there: the Floyd airiness, (I love the way Floyd use space in their music instead of jamming a ton of notes into a song); Jim Gorman with the vocal tone you need in Floyd vocals; and Floyd deep cuts as well as classics.  They even have an inflatable little Pig who hangs out on an amp, perfect!

A must have for a Floyd tribute on a stage the size of the one at MadLife (where these guys belong) is a laser light show and Interstellar Echos brought them to this show in a big way.  The band has well aligned partnership with Music Matters Productions to produce the shows laser light show.  Start with MadLife‘s great lighting, add the venue size, mix in the tall ceilings, then sprinkle in $20K lasers and great sounding tunes and that combination totally transforms the stage and space into “elsewhere.”  With the mood set the crowd sang along to “Wish You Were Here” “Comfortably Numb”, “Us and Them” with everyone knowing the words and even the harmony. Mission accomplished for recreating the Pink Floyd experience.

The best views for the lighting experience were in the back by the soundboard and from the balcony.  No matter where else people sat the lighting was perfect. I don’t know anyone who would be anything other than pumped up to be able to spend a night listening to loud well done Pink Floyd complete with lasers. The crowd and I left the show that night feeling pretty damn good.

Who’s in the band:  Jim Gorman – Bass/Vocals; Chris Hinson – Guitars; Mike Altis – Drums; Eric Johansen – Keyboards; and David Shore – Guitars

You can find upcoming shows and booking info on both their Facebook page and Website (


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