New Music: DAYSHAWNx “Change the World”

Romance is alive and thriving in DAYSHAWNx’s single “Change the World!”  This track is soulful song about the love of a man for his woman and his desire to get married and start a family.  The song has a mix of soul, blues, gospel and rock-n-roll.   The song starts off with some bluesy keyboard and guitar just like the intro of your uncle’s favorite blues songs.  Then DAYSHAWNx’s velvety smooth voice comes in to begin his proclamations of love and future expectations.

In this day of over sexualized lyrics and glorification of one night stands it is refreshing to find a song that glorifies finding the one you love and “putting a ring on it.”

We are going to change the world baby
Don’t you know, I promise to pray for you
See you are the beauty of a lifetime baby
I promise to always protect you girl
Girl I cherish every moment that you are mine – “Change the World” by DAYSHAWNx

The video, shot on a rainy day in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, pairs perfectly with the song.

DAYSHAWNx will be performing at the 2017 Atlanta Dogwood Festival.  Stop by to meet him at the Dogwood Festival Libro Musica Meet & Greet.


“Change The World’ is a beautiful song about a man’s love and how it can change the world. Have you experienced this type of love?
Thank you! I haven’t experienced it first hand but, this song was written about my grandparents. They had this magic! This power and long lasting love. For most of my childhood I lived with them and would hear the stories all the time!

Many ladies here in Atlanta complain that it’s a struggle to find a man willing to make a commitment and seek to change the world with a woman. What are your thoughts on this? Your philosophy on love and dating?
I hear this all the time in conversations with my lady friends.. What I always say is its all about the people! There are many men out here just like me that are desiring that love, just like them. We just sometimes look in the wrong places. Growing up not, many girls looked at me like that but I was always this guy. Even as an adult its sometimes the same and women want that long lasting forever love but won’t look at a guy like me unless I’m on a stage or tour or TV. They’re still trying to get it from ole boy they met in the club that they had that one night hook up with. NOTHING against them [laughter] we all have those phases in life. But if you’re seeking out that “thing” you won’t find it in someone that treats you the way he or she treats every other fling. If a guy can’t even commit while dating you then take the hint and move on.

My philosophy on dating is simple. Dating is the process of getting to know someone. They aren’t committed to you, you guys are just feeling it out and seeing where it could possibly go. Dating doesn’t mean full on relationship and I think a lot of us forget that part. So I could be the one for a woman but if we’re just casually dating I may have a coffee with someone else. Dating doesn’t mean committed relationship! My philosophy on love? ahhh man! I’m a full on sucker for love. Seeing people happy and married and with their children is golden to me. It doesn’t get much better than seeing a fellow brother being a strong husband and father! So my philosophy is also simple. Love is real! And we all deserve it and can have it! There is true love for us all we just have to be patient enough to experience it!

Share some details with us about the video for “Change the World” and how it came together?
The video for “Change the World” came together on its own in a way. I had all of these ideas mapped out and day of shooting it rained on us [laughter]. So the director and I just decided to use it to our advantage! We went to Piedmont park and just started putting shots together. My main focus was to highlight a young man fearlessly confessing his love to the woman he loved. I didn’t want to have many extras or other things happening beside the man and his woman having that moment!

When will you full length project be released?
My full album doesn’t have a release date just yet BUT it is complete! We are putting together all the visuals and art together now. My hope is this summer but you never know!

You have performed on the Apollo Theatre stage. This is one of the most iconic venues in the world. What was the experience like for you? What other iconic stages do you envision yourself playing on?
The Apollo experience was truly unbelievable every single time we played it! And the wildest part was them asking us to come back years later to perform as special guest!! That was monumental for me.

Last year I was blessed to play Radio City Music Hall and that’s always been a bucket list venue! Others are The Hollywood Bowl, Wembley Arena, MSG, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Tokyo Dome.  I mean all the legendary places! And all the huge festivals. That is truly my dream! Playing festivals with Coldplay

You blend blues, gospel, soul and rock in your music. How did you come up with combination of ingredients to make the DAYSHAWNx musical experience?
My sound comes from me firstly being a songwriter. I write all genres often so when I sat to create my own record I couldn’t just focus on one style. I wanted to share all the expression I possible could. And with that came playing an electric guitar over a gospel/ blues organ with funky drums and soulful rock vocals. It was just second nature.. Nothing mapped out.

For those that may have never seen a DAYSHAWNx performance what can they expect at The Dogwood Festival?
For anyone that hasn’t seen me perform and even for those who have this show will be larger than life! I’m completely being free and sharing everything I have! Soul, Rock, Funk, Reggae, R&B and blues! I think it’ll be my best show to date.



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