NEW MUSIC: Lola Cole with “Bitter Cold Nights”

Singer song writer Lola Cole is an artist that salutes blues, jazz, and funk music.  And I love this sista’s ‘fro!!  As one delves into her story and her music one discovers that she is a spiritual woman and her music tells a story.  Lola writes about her truths and her observation of the truth in the world.

I walk in freedom,love and truth with God. I tend to write about our journey as truthfully as possible; the kicks in the face, the triumphant victories, the struggle of moving forward, the peaceful bliss in love, and the constant wonder.” -Lola Cole

Lola Cole’s first EP is scheduled for release later this year.  The first anticipated single from this yet to be named project is “Bitter Cold Nights.”

Lola Cole’s “Bitter Cold Nights” on YouTube

If this live performance at Aisle 5 is in indication of what’s to come, Lola Cole is going to take the world by storm with her spiritual message and soul stirring vocals.  As I listen to “Bitter Cold Nights” I can feel all the pain and suffering but also feel the warmth of possibilities that love can bring.  Take a listen and enjoy in anticipation of more powerful music to come from Lola Cole!

Hate, stay in your Grave
Love, don’t subside
Imma need you to stay alive
In these bitter cold nights – Lola Cole “Bitter Cold Nights”


You can see Local Cole perform at the 2017 Atlanta Dogwood Festival.  Come on out and support this talented singer and songwriter.


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