NEW MUSIC: Sonic Meditation with Saltland on A Common Truth

Saltland, cellist and composer Rebecca Foon, is now streaming her new album A Common Truth.  The album is both graceful and powerful.  The music which is perfect for meditative and reflective moments is a balance between sonic heaviness with beautiful textures.  Combining acoustic, amplified, processed and sampled cellos, Foon presents a new song cycle that features her cello as source for almost all sounds on the record.  The album’s instrumental tracks feature Warren Ellis (Nick Cave, Dirty Three). It is out on March 31st on Constellation.

A Common Truth is a sonic meditation on climate change: the hope, diligence, anxiety, sadness and desperation of the climate movement and of our collective consciousness as social fabrics become increasingly frayed and scorched by fossil fuel dependency and environmental degradation. A Common Truth channels these themes through immersive, restorative music of austere warmth, constructed almost entirely from Foon’s wide palette of cello sounds, evenly balanced between instrumentals and songs featuring her voice and lyrics.

A great example of this is the piece “Light Of Mercy” which was co-written and featuring violin, pump organ & loops by Warren Ellis (Nick Cave, The Dirty Three), and backing vocals by Ian Ilavsky.

Saltland – A Common Truth Track List

(March 31st, 2017 – Constellation Records)

  1. To Allow Us To Breathe
  2. Under My Skin
  3. I Only Wish This For You
  4. Light Of Mercy
  5. Forward Eyes I
  6. Magnolia
  7. This Other Place
  8. A Common Truth
  9. Forward Eyes II

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