Premier of Seersha’s Seven: March Set

I remember my early teen years downloading random songs on Napster and discovering my new favorites. A couple months ago I decided to get back to those roots of tune hunting with my #musicmondayz playlist–7 new songs I’m feeling that I share each week via Soundcloud.

My friends at Libro Musica have given me this opportunity to share my thoughts with you on my top 7 songs on the 7th day of each┬ámonth. There’s no real rules here in terms of genre — I’ll playlist pretty much anything I like — but you’ll find I skew towards indietronica, pop (especially synthpop), with some electronic, trip hop, chill, ambient, and alternative thrown in.

I hope you find a new song to vibe to from the first round of Seersha’s Seven:

FYFE – Love You More
I keep coming back to this one, it’s just so darn fun and I love that juxtaposition with the bittersweet lyrics. Those little shouts in the background and that “la la la la la” melody line kill me. Hooks for days here.

Jessica Manning – Homestead
Something about the production of this song has an early 90s feel to me, in the best way. Honestly, I probably would have passed on this song but the modulation between the verses and chorus is┬ábrilliant. It also helps that Jessica’s voice is buttery smooth. Pretty impressed with what’s coming out of the Minneapolis scene lately.

Mishegas – Forever Ago
Production prowess and all the vibes. Start your day with this one.

Fat Bottom Records – Hoops – Rules
In part this is a Hoosier shout out, and I can’t get enough of these guitar licks. Thank you, Hoops, for reminding me songs don’t have to be 3 minutes long, and outros don’t have to be predictable.

Holidae – Scared
Another Minneapolis act on this month’s list. I’m obsessed with the percussion sounds and patterns in this song. The vocals come across as both tender and self-assured. And the synth parts are fire. Love.

darkDARK – Shelter
You are going to get this synthpop gem stuck in your head. And you’ll be ok with it. True to their name, there’s a dark mystique to the track. The 80s elements warm my cold heart.

AyOwA – Newcross
Modular synths, old reel-to-reels, and unique vocals being sung in Danish? Yes, please.


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