SXSW with Chelsea Shag at the ATL Invasion

Atlanta based singer and song-writer Chelsea Shag performed at the ATL Invasion at Cheer’s Shot Bar during day two of SXSW.  The ATL Invasion featured a number of artists from Atlanta.  I first heard Chelsea Shag when she played with Indee Killed the Pop Star at one of the W Atlanta Midtown Amplify events.  That night only got to hear Chelsea Shag perform a couple of her songs but I made a note to be sure to catch her on stage again as soon as I could.

Depending on which of her songs one listens to, one may make the mistake of calling Chelsea Shag a pop musician.  Don’t be mistaken, her music is so much more.  She studied jazz guitar at the Atlanta Institute of Music and sites a genre bending range of artists as her musical influences.  Listening to her growing catalog of original music you will hear blues, R&B, soul, funk and some hip hop.

She brought all of this to her performance on stage at SXSW.  Armed with her guitar looper and electric guitar, Chelsea Shag put on a show perfect for this warm day under the bright blue sky.  Beyond the music, Chelsea Shag’s lyrics are all about love, hope and brighter days.  Her latest release “Kiss,” which she wrote with her girlfriend in mind, captures much of that positive spirit.

The anticipation is driving me wild…
The way you look into my eyes…
Honey I think we both know there is something in the.. air
Every time you come closer I feel the fire… here
I don’t know what’s gonna happen now
But you know I’m for it I’m for it, I’m for it,

One kiss… – “One Kiss” by Chelsea Shag

But by far my favorite line in the song is “One smile and this love has gone viral.”  This line captures that feeling of how love can consume one’s world.

“New Perfume,” from her 2016 EP Colours, is one of the songs she performed at SXSW.  Take a listen and I’m sure that you will find your day brightened.  This Nova Scotia native is a reminder that great things do come out of Canada.

You can find Chelsea Shag in all the usual places including Spotify and iTunes (Colours – Chelsea Shag).  Add her music to your Music Library and be sure to catch her live when she is performing near you.

If you decide to listen to just one of her songs, I would suggest “The Opposite of Two.”  Imagine what a love child of Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse would sound like and you will get a feel for this song .