Truett Rocks in Purgatory at The Masquerade

Truett shredded original rock and blues tunes on stage on the Purgatory stage at The Masquerade.  Purgatory is one of the three stages at The Masquerade in Underground Atlanta.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when music fans learned that The Masquerade would succumb to the redevelopment boom in Atlanta.  Fortunately The Masquerade has been reincarnated at Underground Atlanta.  Music fans can still hear acts in Heaven, Hell or Purgatory.

Truett has been a staple on stage playing rocked out blues since before he was able to drink (legally) in the venues where he played.  I can’t count the number of times I have watched him perform at places like Abby Road, Darwin’s Burgers & Blues and The 120 Tavern.  (Each of these venues have closed but that is a story for another day).  His performances would often take you “from the Mississippi Delta to Prince’s Minneapolis, Chicago blues to Bowery Punk, down through Outkast’s Atlanta and out the other side of the psychedelic rabbit hole.”

 Since those early days of listening to Truett his guitar licks have always been phenomenal and well suited for the covers of guitar legends that he often covered.  Tonight is was a pleasure to hear him perform his own music.  Tonight, Truett played songs from his debut self titled EP Truett (Be Mine, Left in The Dark, Deliver Me, Pound of Flesh and Crown of Thorns).

Since signing with Brooklyn Basement Records, Truett has toured Europe, release his first EP of original music and pulled together this great video for “Left In The Dark.”

If Truett isn’t already in your music library be sure to add him.  In a few decades you will be able to reflect on how you were listening to this super star back in his early days.

Photos by Elizabeth Luther.  See more of Elizabeth’s photos here at Libro Musica.