AMPLIFY Live April – Abby Wren & Secondhand Swagger

Secondhand Swagger is a group from Atlanta specializing in ‘Southern fried funk’. Featuring Abby Wren at the helm with vocals, Scotty Bryan on drums, Robert Cordy on bass, Tiffany D.White on the keys, and Rob Lane on guitar, the band has a neon sound that is going to rock the W Atlanta Midtown tomorrow night.

“Something’s Got to Give” is a funktastic adventure that, like a sentient Roomba, approaches the threshold of the psychedelic without spinning out of control. Abby’s vocals are strong and emotive, but appropriately so. The band achieves the remarkable feat of making the listener feel that things are on the edge of something wild, something mad, something that is much easier to slip into than to come out of. And they hold it there. Which is brilliant, as that parallels the message behind the lyrics. I don’t care what they’re called, their swagger is 100% their own.

Catch Abby Wren and Secondhand Swagger at this month’s AMPLIFY Live event at the W Atlanta Midtown. This ain’t your typical hotel music. Be prepared to get funky.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: