Fashion, Art, and Music Come Together in Black Asteroid’s Shocking but Minimal Video “Howl”

When different genres and mediums come together, some of life’s best art is created and Bryan Black is no stranger to this. His career began with in studio sound design and keyboard tech work for Prince, but his new project is different. He is now defining a strong personal sound with the help of androgynous punk rock fashion designer Rick Owens. The project, supported by Last Gang Records, is a dark techno outlet called Black Asteroid. Black Asteroid’s full length album ‘Thrust‘ is not due until this summer but the new video for “Howl” shows that this is an upcoming record with a great deal of potential.

The video directed by Sebastian Mlynarski is minimal but shocking, reminiscent of Owens’ monochromatic designs. The track is dark, pounding, and runway ready. Echoey raw vocals by singer-songwriter Zola Jesus paint the track with gothic influence. The result is a feel both industiral and angelic, illustrated with dramatic black and white cinematography. The imagery is reminiscent of Rosarch patterns and symmetry, a reflection of Rick Owens edgy Parisian style. With overtones of haunted cooing and malfunctioning electronics Black Asteroid both explores and blows apart artistic dichotomy.

Bryan Black has a bond with Depeche Mode, yet another influence that can be heard in the music. It is this wide variety of influences that defines Black Asteroid and is hopefully further explored on the upcoming record. By pulling from art, cinema, music, and fashion, they create a diverse and creative approach that is unique and edgy. Dark but upbeat, with a defined aesthetic, Black Asteroid is not here to please anyone but to show everyone what they and the world are made of. We will keep you updated on the new album’s release but in the meantime add “Howl” to your music library and tell us what YOU think.

Liz Peña Written by: