Carolina Rebellion Artist: Badflower Album ‘Temper’

Next month Concord will welcome Los Angeles rock band Badflower to the stage at The Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion. The band is touring like mad this spring, with shows from California to New England. Their latest EP is titled Temper. It was released last November under Republic Records.

The first track, “Animal,” begins with a classic rock melody but with guitars as luscious as one of those $20 burgers you might buy in South End from a bearded 20something in plaid. This track swings and sways, before succumbing to the kind of break that features wild drums while Joey Morrow charms the listener with guitar magic.

Anthony Sonetti takes things to the next level with the drum opening to “Drop Dead,” before pulling back for Josh Katz to deliver some more intimate vocals in the first verse. The lyrics and the vocals, guitars, and drums push the track further and further, into a frenetic headbanger with the delightfully dangerous feeling of a tilt-a-whirl operated by an edentulous person who is not old enough for being edentulous to make sense. Josh injects an earnest ambivalence into “Heroin” (pardon the pun). This track that is so good I really hope that he means it when he sings, “She’s in my life again / But she won’t ever win.”

The bass in “Let the Band Play” is like the edge pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, thanks to Alex Espiritu. Josh sings like a Southerner, telling a gripping tale with finesse, and ending the track with a delightfully loud, profanity-laced series of threats. It is wild, dirty, and fun. By the time I got to “White Noise,” I had fallen in love with Badflower’s sound. The mixture of California cool, percussion that doesn’t get pretentious, the perfect level of guitar for an uncomplicated track, and Josh’s marvelous vocals grabbed me by the hair… and it was good. “White Noise” is a track that is full of soaring sound that is best played loud.

Temper is a rock release that will get you moving. Whether that means some momentary movement or something bigger is up to you. Either way, there should be dancing involved. One cannot underestimate the value of well-lubricated joints. You can catch Badflower on Day Two of Carolina Rebellion.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: