Carolina Rebellion Artist: Ded’s Single “Anti-Everything”

Ded is a metal band from Phoenix. They’ll be hitting the stage at Carolina Rebellion this year, and their show is sure to be a romping good time. Their latest single, “Anti-Everything,” was released in February. It’s the kind of track that’s fantastic for some ebullient boogieing, fast driving, or reserved contemplation.

A simple beat gives way to thick guitars with vocals that are as delectable as a BLT with the perfect amount of crunch. Joe Cotela shifts between the spoken delivery of the verses to the barbaric yawp of the seasoned metal vocalist – that forceful croak that epitomizes the band’s contrarian attitude in the face of stifling conformity. It’s boring and inane, and you see it in malls and on Facebook. You see it in the faces of those women who spend decades with the same unchanging daily application of black eyeliner that serves to only drain more of the life and light from their eyes. Or those men who you see wearing uncomfortable suits in the supermarket on Saturday. (At least the ones who aren’t morticians.) Ded is a band who’s cool with letting freak flags fly. I like that.

The chorus flows smoothly, dark and sweet (in a melancholy way) like molasses. “You’ll never get the best of me / I’m anti-everything,” snarls Joe, as the band powers on, plowing through the dense walls isolating the weirdos from the “normal” people. The drums pound cracks into the walls while the guitar hammers through amidst the crumbling masonry. Ded is a band potent like moonshine, and their music carries the heartwarming message that those who misunderstand metal so often fail to hear: be yourself.

I wonder how the world would be different if the lyrics from the most popular song from… Selena Gomez, let’s say, were switched out with those of “Anti-Everything.” The track is like any given human being: the more you hear it, learn about it, and get to know it, the more and more interesting you see that it is. Check out Ded’s “Anti-Everything” and come dance with me at Carolina Rebellion next month.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: