NEW MUSIC: Claire Mortifee Releases Inspired, Soulful Debut “Ouroboros”

Claire Mortifee has released her soulful debut single “Ouroboros” through The Hype Magazine. It is the first track from  the multi talented singer, musician, and energy healer’s upcoming EP ‘Medicines.’ Ourobros is jazz and synth inspired neosoul with R&B sensuality and enlightened vibes. She is a Reiki Master and supporter of racial harmony and LGBT rights with a track made in collaboration with Grammy award-winning producer Chin Injeti, who has worked with Drake, Eminem, and Dr.Dre. Through this collaboration a diverse and deeply eclectic sound is created.

The ouroboros is an artistic, spiritual symbol of a snake consuming its own tail, seen in indgenous cultures worldwide. It represent rebirth and the circle of life. Mortifee feels spirits and past lives send her inspiration for music and lyrics and that she is merely their translator or vessel. This song is her ode to the ouroboros and all it embodies.

The track is jazzy and soulful, with a groovy, flowing beat and lighthearted soul. You can hear the bouncy good spirits and goddess vibes that resonate through her. It is healing music, but it is healing music that is catchy and sexy as the spirits sing through her, delivering light and golden transformative energy to listeners. The track is conceptually and musically floaty but down to earth. Claire Mertifee has flow and intention in her delivery and a resonant, accepting tone.

We look forward to seeing new music from her, watching her sound develop, and seeing what music the spirits inspire her with next. Her diverse background and award winning production team combined to create a force to be reckoned with. Check out “Ouroboros” today and make sure to get your copy of ‘Medicines’ as soon as possible. Claire Mortifee is an artist to watch out for.

Liz Peña Written by: