DAYSHAWNx at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival

It was Saturday in Atlanta, and the Dogwood Festival was in full swing. There were already long lines for the various fried frivolities that one only encounters at fairs and in the activities departments of nursing homes. DAYSHAWNx made their way onto the Main Stage and quickly became the focal point in this perfect Spring scene.

Rock guitar, each note coming forth thickly like blows from a sledgehammer, wiggled its way into the cracks between the percussion. DayShawn bounded about the stage as if his sneakers were affixed with springs; his hair followed suit. He’s an unstoppable performer, throwing out so much vibration into the world that the resonating bits only get stronger with cortical reverberation.

Having established themselves and surrendering to the festival fun, they struck up a reggae beat and covered “The Way You Make Me Feel”. The performance was sunny and hot to match the weather. DayShawn let loose with his voice in the most remarkable way, I wondered whether he has ever been skydiving.

By the time they reached the break, the air was thick with delicious, full sound. J Slim frosted on some rosettes with a delightful solo on the keys. The band performed their single “Change the World” and it gave me goosebumps. Letting the song out little by little so as to build up a crescendo as scrumptious as the first bite of a slice of cheesecake. DayShawn’s is not the kind of voice you typically hear at 2pm on a Saturday. What fortune befell everyone in attendance at the main stage that day!

The group wandered from genre to genre, unhurried and enjoying every moment. DayShawn dribbled the crowd with tact and precision, raising the crowd upwards in an arc of energy and movement, then bringing them down low. He’s a sinusoidal performer. (Without a doubt, a good thing for a musician to be.) In this tantalizing spectacle, occurring in the midst of overpriced Dasani and ladies in sun dresses, DAYSHAWNx threw in some more Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and James Brown. Watching DayShawn and his buddies grin through this part of the show was a beautiful thing. How marvelous it was to watch such talented musicians celebrate some of their earliest influences with Song! Electrified, soulful Song!




Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: