Delaney Jane Shines in New Acoustic Video with Grandtheft

Delaney Jane is a phenomenal female vocalist who has performed on some of the best EDM hits of the past several years. She joins huge artists like Adventure Club and Oliver Heldens on unforgetable festival bangers and has even joined Tiesto onstage at Ultra. Now, joined by Mad Decent artist Grandtheft, Jane shows off her chops in a stripped down piano version of their hit “Easy Go.” Originally an upbeat house anthem, the song has been transposed into a heartfelt “acoustic” piano ballad for the new video.

The song feels like an a cappella arrangement with such focus on her voice that it allows listeners to hear the beautiful story of the song. With tender charm she sings of regret and doubt, moving into a trembling faith – so afraid to losing the beauty of today. Her soulful feminine timbre and diverse range are explored as she repeats “until I met you it was easy come easy go.” This girl can belt and way overshadows the piano. I would love to hear this song with a more talented pianist or even a small symphony but it does highlight Delaney Janes standalone talent. The song is taken to a totally different place – slower, cleaner, and arguably better -in this simple, well-lit, in studio video.  The track is beautiful but, I would have enjoyed a more detailed piano transposition to create additional harmonies and added more elements from the original version of this song.

As for Grandtheft, this is not his only new project. The Toronto based artist is releasing a “Starboy” remix and has several tour dates through 8/27 including major festivals and clubs. Check out the acoustic video and let us know which version of “Easy Go” you prefer. We can’t wait to see who Delaney Jane joins next!

Liz Peña Written by: