NEW VIDEO: ZALE Takes No Prisoners at 420 Fest After Party

What do you get when you mix a classically trained opera singer, some Jack Daniels whiskey, some Jewish wisdom and some hard hitting rock and roll and unleash that mixture on stage?  The crowd at  at Smith’s Olde Bar for The Sweetwater Brewery 420 Festival After Party got to experience this with the sultry siren songwriter ZALE.  Decked out in a skirt filled with images of hamburgers and french fries to satisfy all of the 420 munchies in the crowd, ZALE also set out to satisfied everyone’s desire to party like a rock star.

ZALE’s set included songs from her album Fortress and new songs from her upcoming album.

ZALE “Prisoner” on Libro Musica Live!

ZALE “Witches Heart” on Libro Musica Live!

Be on the look out this Summer for her next single “Little Black Dress.”  THAT is one music video I’m anxious to see.

Q&A with ZALE

What would you say your largest influences are?

My music is heavily influenced by true rockers like Jack White, Grace Potter, Zeppelin, and The Black Keys mixed with alternative rockers like HAIM and Cage the Elephant. My main vocal influences are Amy Winehouse and Ann Wilson from Heart but people tell me that my tone is eerily similar to Amy Lee from Evanescence. I also find more and more influence from crossover artists like Maren Morris, Pharrell, and Adele.

Who has been the biggest influence in chasing your dreams in music?

I think the biggest influence has been my guitarist and best friend, Christian Gerner-Smidt. He pushes me to listen more, try more, and be more every day. He is my rock in this unstable industry. We support each other’s dreams by sacrificing for the good of the band and keeping a very open line of communication about what our goals are and how we feel.