Stratton Wilson & Borrowed Brother- Live at The Five!

Borrowed Brother, featuring Atlanta’s own 14 year old guitar phenom Stratton Wilson, exploded on stage at the Five O’Clock Sports Bar with a super high energy show. The band covered songs from the 60’s thru the 80’s.  Borrowed Brother’s show paid tribute to bands and artists including: Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Motley Crue, Jimi Hendrix, Guns N Roses, Poison, Winger, Skid Row, Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne, and many more.  Their set including alternate arrangements to non-typical songs to make them fit the heavy guitar emphasis of the band.  The members of Borrowed Brother are: Stratton Wilson on lead guitar; David Northrip on lead vocals; Amy Epperly (of Vices of Vanity) on bass and backing vocals; and Ty Steele on drums.

When one envisions a band with a 14 year old lead guitar player, one may lower their expectations for the performance.  Let that not be the case when you stop to listen to Borrowed Brother  Don’t let the boyish face fool you, Stratton Wilson must be the reincarnation of a seasoned musician.  The set list for the night was heavily packed with tracks laced with guitar rifts that are etched in the psyche of every rock and roll fan.  Stratton shredded through every one of these classics as if he had been playing them for decades and he did it with style.  That style included classics drawn from the repertoire of of lead guitar players like: standing in front of the stage fans to let his hair wave in the breeze; strutting across the stage; leaning first face into the camera; and crowding the lead singer to make sure no one forgets who is the “real” star of the show.

I’m not sure what the crowd at Five O’Clock Sports Bar was expecting for the night but, about half way through the second set the area in front of the stage was packed.  Everyone at the stage was dancing and singing along to their favorite rock anthems through all three sets.  Take a listen to the second set and enjoy.



Q&A With Stratton Wilson

What was the first album that you added to your personal music library?
I don’t know. Digital music happened differently for me than most people listening to and enjoying the genres that I like. I didn’t see the digital music revolution myself. I was born in 2002 so it was well under way. By the time I inherited a music library from my parents it was already full of all the music I listen to. Hey, Free Music! Later, I got into collecting vinyl copies of lots of the same music I already had electronically. I’m pretty sure the first one I got there was the radio edited single for my favorite song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns n’ Roses.

What was your most recent addition to your personal music library?

The last thing I bought for our library was John Mayer’s recent release of The Search for Everything. He released it in waves over the last month. I’m a huge JM fan, which some people know but most don’t. It was funny, I’m rehearsing songs like Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” for the gig and taking breaks by trying to master the guitar parts of the new John Mayer song, all within the same session. Someone listening from outside might have thought I was musically bi-polar. Maybe I am?

What was your first live music experience?
Funny enough, John Mayer was my first live music experience. It was at the Cynthia Woods Mitchel Amphitheater in Houston. He was touring his Continuum album. Ben Folds opened for him. On my Dad’s shoulders is THE best view when your are waist high like I was then. I’ve seen John several times since and want to try again this summer here in Atlanta. I’ve gotta figure out how to meet him!

If you could cover one album in your music library which would it be?
I’ve had this dream for a while to cover Appetite For Destruction front and back. That’s a pretty tall order for a singer so it has just never happened. But honestly, I’d settle for 3/4 of it if you can find any takers. Maybe even 1/2. Ok, 3 songs?

What artist do you wish more people had in their music library?
So this is REALLY a tough one. I have several and some of them are friends of mine so if I name one it might get me in trouble when I actually don’t favor one over the other. So, I’ll name two and if you just have to use one, you pick it and I’ll blame it on you. Here goes. Raveneye is a rock trio from the U.K. and they are so freaking awesome. You can get a taste listening to their EP and full album releases, but you’ll appreciate it and get sucked in even more if you catch them at a live show. I saw them opening for Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, which brings me to the second band. Completely awesome rock music and way under exposed is Slash’s solo work with Myles and the Conspirators. Todd Kerns, the bassist in that group has some awesome solo work as well. Wait, that’s three! Sorry.