Alesso Releases Summer Ready Remix EP for ‘Falling’

With festival season moving into full swing, Alesso has now unleashed three new remixes of his latest single ‘’Falling.” TREGS, Nick Martin, and Outrovert each lend a different twist and personality to the groovy club track on this remix EP. Alesso has a busy summer featuring a world tour, Las Vegas Encore Beach Club residence, and a headlining performance at the Creamfields Festival, but these remixes of “Falling” are sure to hit playlists even further across the globe.

The original is a classically beautiful club track that opens with dreamy piano, sensual vocals, and an emphasized build up. The track breaks down into upbeat house with well used falsetto and playful sliding tones. The video by Henrik Hanson uses artistic, flexible choreography to mime these tones. Light, color, and style of dance are experimented with in a way that playfully reflects Alesso’s sound. It is a simple enough track to be remixed in any direction so it is a smart choice for a remix EP.

TREGS gives the track a spacey pool party feel in his lighthearted remix. The slowed down instrumental embraces  ambient aspects of the original track while sped up vocals have a different, almost music box feel. The house breakdown is funked out and playful, especially toward the end – similar to the original but taken a little further. The sensuality of the track is still there, just with a sharper beat and a more old school European club vibe.

Nick Martin experiments with the haunting simplicity of the song in his odd and slightly alien version. The downtempo and distorted instrumental has a slower build from darkness into light than Alesso’s original. Haunting effects on the chorus are spacey and experimental. Sexy simplicity is kept in the verses which have a slower build here. Interesting percussion and effects are used in his extended breakdown but the original’s vocal contrast is still embraced.

Outrovert rejects the more subtle ethereal elements of the track in his funky, quick, and totally switched up remix. He never hestitates through his false buildups and dissonant shuffle worthy breakdown. It is the most experimental of the remixes with offbeat elements that sound like a skitched out and wub-wubbed to hell acid trip. There is a beauty from original piano riff and an intentional insanity in mixing. It is a totally weird festival ready track.

These remixes work in their own ways to add attitude and creativity to Alesso’s “Falling.” It is not that one is better than the other but that each is ready for its own scene and setting. Alesso is one of the EDM artists who we expect to handpick cool remixes and this EP is no different. It is a record full of summer ready classic EDM with a modern personality.  There is sure to be a place for at least one of these remixes on your summer playlist.

Listen to the ‘Falling’ remixes here:  Or on Spotify below:

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