Daniel Martin Moore is Musician Turned Neuroengineer with “Turned Over To Dreams”

Daniel Martin Moore has a new album coming out on July 7th, titled Turned Over To Dreams. It features a tracklist of lullabies, some of which the Kentucky musician reinterpreted; others are brand new. The title track is already out. It can take any restless mind to a halcyon dreamland.

Harmonics float on strings, following more strings that swell and subside like bubbly water in a porcelain bathtub. The vocals approach purposefully but gently, without fading in too garrulously. The lyrics position “Turned Over To Dreams” as the listener’s permission to let their unconscious – that snoozing set of impulses that lies just below the surface of the chunks of neuroscience that are visible to the human mind – take control. Decisively plucked notes turn and bounce in four dimensions like a pastel mobile of the cosmos. The song ceases all sound just a few seconds before the track’s end, collecting the listener’s desires into a neat little package that is stamped and sent off with a final, fulfilling series of arpeggios.

Of all the times I wish I had my head in an fMRI machine, listening to this track is one of them. Daniel has engineered “Turned Over To Dreams” to be the salve for ravaged ears. So much of our day is filled with sounds that we never ask to hear: the conversation of strangers, a leaf blower, or the most polluting kind, advertisements. Without realizing it, our consumption of this sort of sound has drastically increased in parallel with the proliferation of digital displays. Sometimes we seek silence. And when we simply cannot bear the silence, there is Daniel Martin Moore.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: