Interview With Gospel Powerhouse CeCe Winans and the “Fall In Love Tour”

Ten-time Grammy Award winner CeCe Winans is the best-selling and most-awarded female gospel artist of all time.  Today CeCe Winans performed at the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX.  This performance gave the congregation the opportunity to hear CeCe Winans just before she kicks off her nationwide tour on May 31st in New Orleans.  The “Fall In Love Tour” is presented by Medi-Share.  Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing ministry founded on the belief that there is a better way, a Biblical way, to take care of one’s healthcare.  When asked about Medi-Share, CeCe Winans said “What an amazing company to help those in need and I’m honored to be presented by them.”

You can stream “Let The Fall In Love” on Spotify or purchase a copy on iTunes.

Interview with CeCe Winans

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today.  As we share “Let Them Fall In Love” with our readers, which song would you recommend as the first song they hear?

The album is a journey with a variety of types of gospel songs, each with it’s own flavor and style.  Great songs with great music, each of the songs minister to different parts of the heart.  Some of them were things I have never done before it was very refreshing to put this album together.  The first song, just to pique someone’s curiosity to hear the rest of it, would be “Hey Devil”.  This is a fun song!

On “Hey Devil” you teamed up with the Clark Sisters and on “Dancing in the Spirit” you had Hezakiah Walker and his choir.  Each of them are gospel super stars with busy schedules how did these collaborations happen?

I don’t get a chance to see them on an ongoing basis.  Many of the times when I do see them it’s them on stage at a performance or TV appearance.  I have been friends with the Clark Sisters for years.  We grew up together in Detroit and attended the same high school.   I have been hearing them sing since they were teenagers.

With the gospel industry, as it should be, we are all family.  What we sing about is about more than entertainment.  Coming together and singing with one another can be a challenge because of our schedules.  I KNOW how busy the Clark Sisters and Hezekiah are.  To have them take off the time to make it happen is pretty amazing to me.  I flew to Detroit to get us in the same room with Twinkie, Jackie, Dorinda and Karen [The Clark Sisters] was awesome.  I knew that they would come in and just take over and that is EXACTLY what they did.  I had a blast listening to them.  We had so much fun!

It was was the same with Hezekiah.  I flew to New York and he came in with his choir and they just blew it away.  When we come together we always have fun.  That is bigger than the song itself: the fellowship and the comrade-re.

In addition to wanting this album to be an inspiration to young listeners what other messages do you want listeners to take from Let Them Fall In Love?

I new that Let Them Fall In Love would be the title of the record before we finished all of the songs.  This message is for every age group but I’m always ready to embrace the new generation. I believe that the younger you catch them the better off they are going to be.  I want to encourage them to have faith in God and allow Jesus to come into their heart.  The title is Let Them Fall in Love and that is my prayer for this record.  It has been almost ten years since I put out new music. When I went back into the studio I prayed “Lord let this count and have a great impact in the lives of people.”  That is my message on this record and hopefully on everything that I have done in this life.  I put my heart and soul and everything else into this record.  I believe that this is my best work yet.  I am expecting God to do things for me that he has never done before.

Much of the album has a timeless feel to it.  Some songs have a distinct traditional gospel sound but there are many modern elements to the music.

I was so excited about this album being the vision of my son.  About six years ago my son came to me with his vision for this record. The two of us coming together will help me to recapture the hearts of my listeners that have been following me for years.  I believe that I will also capture the hearts of those that have never heard me before.  What we came out with is relevant today but also stays true to who I am and what I stand for.

When you were growing up is it true that your parents only allowed gospel music to be played at home?

[laughter] Yes, that is true my parents only allowed gospel music to be played in our home.  Because we lived in Detroit with the Motown sounds we did get to hear it all though.  We were such lovers of music and God had given us the gift to sing we got a chance to hear all the different styles of music.

What was the first music that you added to your music library?

I have never been asked that question in all my years.  It’s exciting to have a new question sent my way.  That is hard since music has been such a big part of my life for so long.  The main artist that stands out to me is Andre Crouch.

I remember my first concert being Andre Crouch.  When I walked into the concert and saw a man of color with an auditorium filled with all walks of life, back grounds, cultures and ethnicities it moved me.  His music was awesome, powerful and full of the word.  This showed the power of gospel music.  This made me want to do it and do it well.

If you could cover one album on stage from beginning to end which one would it be?

Stevie Wonder is one of my all time favorites.  My first memory of him is “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.”  The Recording Academy did a tribute to him recently and I had forgotten how great his music is.  There are so many artists that I love but if I were to pay tribute to an artist on stage it would be Stevie Wonder.

What artist do you wish more people had in their music library?

I wish they had more GOSPEL music in their music library.  We have so many incredible artists with so many different styles.  They need it because it is something that changes your inner man and can give you hope.  I have a song on this record called “Peace From God” and our nation is in a place of needing peace on every level.  Gospel music ministers to the heart, the mind, the family, the community, the city the country and the world.  It brings love and is guaranteed to lift you up and can give you answers to what ever you are dealing with.

Music is powerful and with gospel music it is a tool to encourage and uplift people, instruct and give answers so that people can be blessed.  We have come a long way but we have a lot of territory to cover.  I want people to start embracing gospel music.

CeCe Winans “Let Them Fall In Love Tour” Dates

May 31 New Orleans, LA. –  The Orpheum Theatre

June 1  Sugar Land, TX. –  Smart Financial Centre

June 2  Dallas, TX. –  The Majestic Theatre

June 16 Washington DC – Warner Theatre

June 23 Atlanta, GA – Center Stage

June 24 Bowling Green, KY – SkyPac Theatre

July  13 Grand Rapids, MI –  DeVos Performance Hall

July 14 Detroit, MI – Motor City Casino at Sound Board

July 15 Cincinnati, OH – Taft Theatre

July 25 Juneau, AK – In Touch Alaska Tour