INTERVIEW: The Soulful and Inspiring Kween & The NuExperiance

Do you know that moment at a southern baptist church just before they take up the collection?  In that moment the music ministry takes their music to it’s height to stir up the souls of the congregation. That is what it’s like listening to Kween & The NuExperiance.  Kween and her band brings a special kind of soulfulness that touches you deep in the center of your chest and in the pit of your stomach.  I got a chance to hear Kween & The NuExeriance perform at Liquid Lounge on a Sunday evening and was blessed by the experience.

Kween & The NuExperiance is made up of lead singer songwriter Kween, bassist Sosa, drummer & composer Mel Lightfoot, keyboardist & producer JG, percussionist Fester and The Angels of Soul (Zania, Christina and Chelsie).  They are on the move to create a new experience for listeners in the Neo-Soul, Blues, Pop and R&B world.

Interview with Kween

Welcome to Libro Musica.  Let our readers know the answer to “Who is Kween?”

I am a story teller.  I try to not put myself into a specific genre. My music comes from the soul.  My music is not just RandB, blues or neo-soul, it is about my life.  The stories I tell are about things I have seen, heard, touched and experienced.  I’m a woman from Florida that has decided to chase her dream

How did you make the transition to a full time the artist to pursuit your dream?

On January 17, 2017 I found out that my mother had cancer.  On that same day my daughter broker her shoulder!  On that same day, I lost a recurring performance slot at a very important venue.  I talked to my mother about her cancer and she told me “I have so much to do.” At 65, like my mother, I didn’t want to be looking back on my life to say that I still had more to do.  This prompted me to pursue my dream full time.   At that moment I realized that I only get one  life and if I am going to go down, I’m going to go down living my dream.

What impact do you want your music to have on the lives of people that listen?

I am a living walking testimony.  You can see me sitting here in a nice dress with my hair done and on the surface most people would assume that my life is wonderful.  But underneath the surface is someone that has been through a lot.  My mother gave me up when I was six weeks old, I have been raped, I was molested as a child, I was addicted to alcohol & cocaine and I have been so far down.  I have had a rough life and my music tells that story.  God has preserved me and my voice, because I could be that crazy lady  you pass that is talking to herself outside the grocery store.  When I write I am writing about what is going on at that moment:  “Mama Said” is from when I found out my mother had cancer; “Just Me” is from when I was feeling alone and abandoned; “Million Dollar Baaby” is the story of me losing my son.  Every song has it’s own story.

What can we expect at your upcoming shows?

What you can expect at my shows… I can’t tell you.  My show is called The NuExperiance.  Typically every night is a little different.  I don’t start a show with a planned set list.  It all depends on my mood and the mood of the band and the crowd.  Everything we do is based off energy and the freedom of music.  Some things you CAN expect are me probably taking off my shoes  and jumping off the stage to interact with the crowd.

My upcoming show at Smith’s Olde Bar on May 13th will be one that does have structure.  The show is called The DIARY of a Kween.  It will be me telling a story throughout the night.  It will be a mix of spoken word and my original music.

Automajic at Liquid Lounge

After the Kween & The NuExperiance show, I was surprised to see the headliners give up the stage to another group of performers.  As Kween came to sit with us she said “These folks are going to blow you away.”  From there she went on to explain her vision.  It is Kween’s master plan to foster a collective of emerging artists and share the stage with them.  If from what I saw of Automajic tonight is an indication of the talent she is gathering the world is in for a musical treat .

Be on the look out for the release of Kween & the NuExperiance’s debut album D.I.A.R.Y acronym for DEVOTE-IGNITE-ACCEPT-REVIVE YOURSELF.