Coffee and Tunes with The Jimmie Chavis Band at Eaglespeak Coffee House

On a recent evening, an aimless outing led me into Eaglespeak Coffee House for an amaretto latte and some Americana. I caught the end of the Jimmie Chavis Band’s set, but it was enough to see that the band has a common heart and pours it into their music. These guys think differently, and I like that.

They ended the show with one of their originals, “Amen”, a song whose lyrics serve many purposes all at once: an excuse, a warning, an offering of partnership. This is a song that could offer hope to the hopelessly hopeful standing on the platform at Scaleybark after studying at the library, still in work uniform. Inspiring. The vocals were delivered with the sort of grin that accompanies wacky suspenders or other accouterments that exist for the joy of humanity. The entire band was into it, creating the sound like a gathering of people can create a giant number for an aerial photograph.

What I heard from the Jimmie Chavis Band was good clean fun. I hope to catch them again soon and hear more.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: