Katrina’s $1,000 Singer-Songwriter Challenge II – Week 3

It’s Tuesday night and I found myself with my friends at Katrina’s for another night of music in Cape Anne.  Week three of the $1,000 Singer Songwriter Challenge, hosted by Chris Langathianos, as usual included acts from all over New England.  These artists included:

These performers played before a panel of judges.  After each performance the, judges provided feedback to the performer with praise and suggestions for improvement. This week’s judges were: singer and song-writer Annie Brobst, Amy Fairchild and Gary Gorczyca.

Artists were judged in the following categories with a maximum score of 45 points from each judge.

  • Instrument Performance (up to 10 points),
  • Vocal Performance (up to 10 points),
  • Song Selections (up to 5 points),
  • Audience Engagement or Story-Telling (up to 5 points)
  • Original song bonus ( 5 points)
  • Original Song Lyrics (up to 5 points)
  • Original Song Arrangement (up to 5 points)

The combined judge’s scores would give a maximum overall score of 135 points for a “perfect” performance of amazing original music.

Second place in scoring for the night went to Tatiana Lyne.  Tatiana Lyne has a beautiful voice that she used throughout her three original songs. 

The night’s winners were Elisa Smith & Erin Bonnie.  The pair just returned fro Nashville where they were completed their lasted music product.  The pair are members of Elisa Smith and The Tiny Little Lies.  The pair performed a trio of original country songs with two of them being new songs that will be on their upcoming album.  

Their song “Make You Hurt” was written by Elisa Smith after a love affair ended. Enjoy this song on Libro Musica Live! on YouTube.

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