New Music For the Summer & Interview with Se’von

Se’Von recently dropped a new track for the summer entitled “Pain.”  He also put out a new music video for his old school hip hop flavored “Ready, Willing, Able.”  Take a listen and enjoy.

I infuse authentic hip hop flows and choruses in to big mainstream sounding tracks and call them stadium songs.” – Se’Von

If you have been following Se’Von, you have heard “Ready, Willing, Able” before.  This song kicks in with some horns and back ground harmonies that gives the track a club filling sound that you just need to crank up and bounce too in your car or at home.  Throughout the song Se’Von does some chest banging as reminds us that “he got the looks, he got the books and he got the flow..”

“Pain” is this first release from Se’Von’s upcoming trilogy of EPs entitled Stadium of Hearts. The opening line, “In the hood we see, pain is misery and suffering,” sets the stage for the message of the track.  The message unfolds with images that have to be taken from Se’Von’s years in Mount Clemens, Michigan dodging dealers, boosters, and thugs.  Armed with a hook and chorus that etches the song in your mind, I expect to have this one in rotation throughout the summer and beyond.

Looking ahead to the “Stadium of Hearts” trilogy, each segment of the trilogy will contain 7 songs. With the first EP, Stadium of Hearts I, set to be released in the next 30 days.  Expect to see the video for the title track “Stadium of Hearts,” which was filmed in south beach, soon.

During my talk with Se’Von, I learned that he will be giving all of this music away for free with the mindset that “branding my name is more important.”  You can download his music from his Reverb Nation page to add to your music library.   The music model has changed so his strategy is to give his music away so that he can get it in the hands and ears of his fans.  Sharing his music is more important to him that making any money from streaming of selling CDs.  The Se’Von brand will be expanding with the release of two books.  One of these books will be about life in the music business from the perspective of an independent artist.  The second book will be one about life outside of the music industry.  You can also expect to see Se’Von in some feature films.  If that wasn’t enough projects on the horizon, you can also look for Se’Von putting out a new podcast called “I Disagree” with Se’Von’s take on current events and significant trending topics.

After the release of his trilogy of music he plans to change gears and move toward more EDM dance music.  The “Stadium of Hearts” trilogy will have one song the previews this transformation of his music.  Be sure to stay in touch with us here at Libro Musica for the release of new music.




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