Seersha’s Seven: May Set

Seersha’s Seven is back with the May edition. Each week I playlist 7 new songs via my #musicmondayz Soundcloud playlist, and once a month I compile my favorite tracks from the past 4 weeks for Libro Musica. May’s playlist runs the gamut from folk-alternative to Irish indietronica to funky R&B-influenced dance.

Longmountain – um perigo
Longmountain is a 23-year old producer and sound designer from the Netherlands–he’s got um perigo tagged as jazz trap. Chill, vibey, glorious–his sound design is way on point, in my humble opinion.

Will Joseph Cook – Plastic
I’m obsessed with Cook’s vocal style–the way he lags behind but finds this perfect tucked-in pocket. Love the hyped up pop production with indie flare. One of my springtime jams, for sure.

Mavi Phoenix – Fly
Ok, in the interest of transparency, I first listened to this song as an experiment. For whatever reason, I did not expect to like this song. Seeing the cover art with Mavi’s picture, I just thought it was going to be a generic mainstream sounding pop-edm anthem. Man, was I wrong. I love her flow, her confidence, the arrangement and production here. Looking forward to hearing more from her.

Elderbrook – Difficult To Love
What stands out most to me about the song is not the infectious beat, the smooth earnest vocals, or the perfect synths…it’s the writing. Smart, honest, real, refreshing.

CAT – Weapon Of War
Like my favorites from the 80s got a 2017 update. Is CAT our Pat Benatar? I hope so.

Talos – Contra
I covered Laoise last month, now Talos…the indietronica coming out of the emerald isle right now is incredible. I’m kind of mad about it. Lush, dreamlike and gorgeous. Keep it coming, Ireland!

Nadia Reid – Preservation
While I’ve definitely been on an electronic kick lately, I could not ignore this lovely alt-folk ballad. The kind of song you can’t turn off once it’s started. Float away on Reid’s solid yet ethereal voice and atmospheric guitars. Somebody put this track in a Grey’s Anatomy episode or whatever emotional TV show people are watching these days.


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