The Bar Exam Chattanooga Edition for Some of Tennessee’s Best

This month MicXsiC took the The Bar Exam  on the road to Chattanooga, TN at the Camp House.  It had been a while since I last sat in on a Bar Exam and a short road trip up I75 was easy enough for me to catch this show.  Eleven of Tennessee’s best emcees, poets, and singers came out to put their talents to the test.  The contestants were split in to three groups.  The winner from each of tonight’s three rounds was selected by the judges and continued on to a final round to be voted on by the crowd.  One wildcard contestant was selected by the judges to go onto the final round.  The Bar Exam has one primary rule: you either “Pass the Bar” or “Pass the Mic!”  About a minute into each contestant’s performance the crowd and the judges determine if the contestant either passes the bar and continues performing or OR passes the mic to the next contestant.

The Bar Exam is the definitive talent competition, open mic and showcase.  The Bar Exam brings the excitement; inspiration, anticipation, humor and heart break from the likes of American Idol and puts it in front of a live audience. The Bar Exam is the place to develop your craft, showcase your talents, and network with like-minded people and industry professionals.” – MicXSic

The judges for this month’s installment were producer Focus, Joshua Pickard of and DJ Wally Sparks.  The Bar Exam’s resident man behind the turn tables DJ Knotts of Hip Hop Gives Back keep the crowd hyped between sets.

  • Group B
    • Coleman Sutton
    • Hohn Konner
    • CD7
    • CMIC
  • Group C
    • Right Mind
    • MeLyn
    • Malcolm Dwayne

Between each group of performers as the judges deliberated on the winner for the round we were treated to a talented feature artist.  These artists were Baby RoseTebe Zalango and The Bar Exam alumni J Flo.

Singer song writer Baby Rose performed a trio of soulful upbeat R&B songs while backed up by live horns.

Tebe Zalango is singer, songwriter,writer,violinist, composer, rapper, spoken word artist that wowed the crowd with the diversity of his performance.  Moving back and forth from violin to acoustic guitar, Tebe Zalango’s lyrics were thought provoking and motivating.

The Bar Exam alumni J Flo‘s set included a couple of his crew that he brought onto the stage to perform with him.

The absolute crowd favorite for the night was from the set was when J Flow performed “Ride Or Die.”  For this song everyone gathered on the stage to share the energy from this track.


At the end of the night the judges selected a winner from each group of performers.  The winners from each group were: Trina Machelle from Group A; CMIC from Group B; and Malcolm Dwayne from Group C.  The wild card pick from the remaining performers was CD7.

The fans are an integral part of The Bar Exam and it’s the votes of the fans that determine the winner for the night.

Each of the performer in the final round got the opportunity to drop 16 bars to remind the fans of their performance.  Based on the votes from The Bar Exam fans the winner for the night was CD7.  This was a Bar Exam first with a wild card pick being the winner of competition.  The judges saw his talent when he performed with Group B but had to ask him to “pass the mic” when he committed one of the biggest sins of The Bar exam.  CD7 didn’t have a show track and rapped over his vocals.  Despite this set back his cypher in the final round pulled him through for the crowd.

At the beginning of the night I was warned by one of the audience members that I should expect to be blown away by the talent that would be coming to the stage.  At the end of the night, I sought him out to tell him that he was right in his assessment.  Chattanooga, TN and the surrounding areas of Tennessee definitely has some dope talent.

Special thanks to MicXsiC for another phenomenal show.  Be on the look out for The Bar Exam every month in Atlanta at the Apache Cafe or at a city near you soon!