Soulful Love Songs with DAYSHAWNx at Eddie’s Attic

DAYSHAWNx is determined to Change the World one love song at a time.  I got a chance to hear him perform live in Eddie’s Attic‘s intimate listening room with a crowd of music fans.  Eddie’s Attic is a destination for anyone wanting to hear music where the focus is on the music and everyone knows it.  Tonight’s focus was on DAYSHAWNx armed with his electric guitar, his sultry & mellow voice, and songs & stories about deep rooted and long lasting love.  Listening to his music one can’t help but feel hopeful about loves found and love yet to be found.

During his set we got to her the first release from his upcoming album, “Change the World”, his recently released song”Are You Ready” (which was premiered here at Libro Musica) as well as a sneak peak of what is to come with “Good Things.”  In addition to these originals he shared some covers of Michael Jackson hits and other soulful and funky tunes.  Watch, listen and enjoy these excerpts from tonight’s show.

DAYSHAWNx “Change the World”


DAYSHAWNx “Good Things”

Be on the lookout for more music this summer and fall from DAYSHAWNx.