Seersha’s Seven: June Set

Summer is here and so is June’s edition of Seersha’s Seven. Each week I create a playlist of 7 new songs via my #musicmondayz Soundcloud playlist, and once a month I compile my favorite tracks from the past 4 weeks to share here at Libro Musica. June’s set features pop dripping rock, “study dance,” dream pop, and rounds out with some ambient post-punk. Stay fresh out there, y’all!

LPX Tremble
As an MS MR fan, I was excited when Lizzy Plapinger announced her solo project, LPX, at the turn of the year. I really dug her first single, Tightrope, and this second single, Tremble, doesn’t disappoint. This more rock-influenced sound highlights a more angsty, defiant side to her voice. The track hits that nice balance of raw  yet polished. Pumped to hear more from LPX.

VERO Hello
What can I say, I’m a sucker for a chick trio band from Sweden. I think if Sheryl Crow was a millennial, this is what she would sound like. Super dig the industrial rock touches.

Deafenese Gyokuro
If you know me, you know I love Japan, and in the back of my mind I have this catalog of songs to listen to when I’m riding the metro in Tokyo, especially at night. The first time I heard this song by UK duo Deafenese, their self-described “ghost funk” music went to the top of the metro-listening list. The band told Electronic North “it’s all ‘raw analog synths, Gameboy grit and skittering, kaleidoscope vocal cuts.'” Love it. Y’all wanna chop up some Seersha’s vocal stems??

Vilde Maintain
The synth sounds and lovely gradual build up in this tune pull me under like a wave. Vilde labels the track as “study dance.” I think I get it–something about the feel and composition lends itself to helping the listener focus, but not without a little foot tapping and body swaying. Check it out and have your own study dance party.

Flower DrumsWith You
I really dig the vintage dreamy pop sound of this track from Aussie band Flower Drum. But I also love that they reference the internet and manage to sing the words “irrelevant” and “ridiculous” without sounding, well, ridiculous. I keep thinking Tears for Fears but like, way, wayyyyy chilled out, in 2017, and from Melbourne.

DAVVN without you
If you asked me a few weeks ago what dreamy, chill, electronica would sound like coming out of Boston, I wouldn’t know. I found this track back DAVVN and now I know. I like the pacing on this track and I might balk at the treatment of the vocals but it really works here, in my opinion. Hoping for more from this Boston duo.

B.E.NWelcome To Your Tape
I had the privilege of eating some pizza with B.E.N last week where we coined the genre term “instrumental ambient post-punk.” I think his Blink-182 inspired song “Welcome To Your Tape” is a nice flag marker for the genre. Expose your ears to some of the most listenable, enjoyable experimental music out there. In the spirit of irony, I leave you this week with his thoughts on the song:

hyperbole is taking over!
run for the most
the safest
the biggest
the bestest

Next month for Seersha’s Seven I will have something special for you on the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventeenth year.

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