SPECIAL Seersha’s Seven: – 7/7/17

Hey y’all, Seersha here :). When my friends at Libro Musica pointed out that this month’s Seersha’s Seven falls on 7/7/17, we agreed we had to do something special to commemorate this auspicious date. I’ve compiled my normal 7 song picks from my Soundcloud #musicmondayz playlists from the past 4 weeks, ranging from chill electronic to indie alternative to industrial. But I’ve also compiled 2 special Spotify playlists for you: 7 songs from artists that have had a big influence on me, and 17 songs with a pure indie summer theme. Enjoy!

HEXE – Words
I’ve had this song on repeat since I found it. The production is so Goldilocks for me–not too much, not too little, just right. Lovely sound design choices and gorgeous emotive vocals. And that hook. Much love, more please!

Stars – Privilege
I have a couple Stars records on vinyl I had dug back into the other day, and then stumbled upon their new single. This song is everything I know and love of Stars. Especially obsessed with the outro of the song. Synths for days.

The Domestics – Little Darkness
Just listen to this indie/alt gem and read this. Pumped to hear this record, out on 9/1.

Nebulamigo – Impression, Sunrise
Self-described “cosmic lounge,” this track is laid back and relaxing, yet earnest. The Long Beach-based band dropped their EP last month. Perfect for summer with the windows down. Check it!

Louie – When It’s Over
I’m a sucker for a one-(wo)man band. Louie works on a eight track recorder, no less. Lush vocal layers and an atmospheric, soulful sound. I’m Crushing hard.

French Horn Rebellion – Jealousy ft. Abby Diamond
I dig Abby Diamond’s voice on this groovin’ track. And I mean, that French horn solo, come on.

Resin – LIE
Industrial beats with grunge-tinged vocals. I found Resin courtesy of one of my fav blogs, Electronic North. Another one-woman band, she was born and raised in Prague–perhaps that draws me in further as I lived in Prague for 4 months in college.

Seersha’s Seven – influences
It was tough to narrow this down to 7 songs, and I’ve organized them in roughly chronological order in terms of when they came into my life. I hesitated to go with all songs that have a female vocalist, as plenty of male artists have been a huge influence, too, but ultimately having female artist role models has been so important for me that it felt right.

Pure Indie Summer
’nuff said.

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