Angela Reign Live at MadLife Stage & Studios

This was my first visit to MadLife Stage & Studios but Angela Reign is an artist that I have seen perform on stage many times.  The show was on a weeknight but MadLife was filled with music fans out to hear Angela Reign perform.   My expectations were high based on our coverage of other shows at MadLife and from what I have seen and heard from Angela Reign in the past.   I didn’t leave disappointed and by the people dancing in the aisles and happy faces at the end of the show the crowd felt the same.

MadLife as a venue is a dream for the audience.  Amazing sound system, great lighting, well priced and tasty dinner menu, full bar and a stage setup the makes every seat in the house a great seat.  As always Angela Reign put on a high energy set   The set  list included covers like “Proud Mary”, “Shut Up and Dance” and “Purple Rain” and a selection of her original songs including “Reckless Kind”, “Cowgirls Do”, “Music Within” and “Tall Drink of Water.”

Angela Reign at MadLife Photos

Libro Musica photographers Elizabeth Luther and Jean Bartlett captured the night in photos.

Elizabeth Luther Photos
Jean Barlett Photos

Q&A with Angela Reign

“Cowgirls Do” was one of the songs you performed tonight, how that song came together?

I brought a few crowd favorites to this show, including “Cowgirls Do”.  The song is dear to me for a number of reasons, one being that I was able to join forces with talented, award-winning Hip Hop Artist, Se’ Von, to re-release this hard-hitting rock ballad as electrifying, up-tempo dance-club remix.  After meeting as fellow winners at the GA Music Awards, Se’von and I chose to collaborate on a project as a message to our communities to love and accept all races, religions, and differences. Two very different genres coming together with one message – respect, hope, and love each other.

You recently returned from the World Body Paint Festival where you performed electronic infused versions of some of your songs.  Did the songs feel any different when you performed them tonight?

One of the most enjoyable parts of performing music live is getting the chance to interact with both the audience and the fellow members of my highly talented band. I’m truly blessed to be backed by some of the most amazing musicians around. It’s also fun to perform the same song but in a stylistically different way.  It’s like changing your accessories with the same outfit to give it whole different look. In Austria last month, I performed Music Within, Reckless Kind, and Tall Drink of Water in an electronica/techno form. The crowds loved it and it was tremendously fun. For this show, I’ll be bringing these same songs back to their original hard-rocking ballad style, and again, with the benefit of interacting on-state with some of the finest musicians in the business. Don’t ask me which one I like the most, because they are both incredible experiences.

Angela Reign “Reckless Kind”

Angela Reign “Purple Rain” Prince Cover

Angela Reign closed out her set with her cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain.”  Ever since the death of Prince it’s always a treat when an artist pays tribute to Prince’s legacy.  Barry Richman’s execution of the iconic guitar solo in “Purple Rain” captures Prince’s spirit in a way not many guitar players can.