The Bar Exam at Apache July 2017 Edition

For over four years The Bar Exam has been one of Atlanta’s best open-mic showcases & competitions.  I discovered The Bar Exam just over a year ago and love what MicXsiC of Savage Fam Pro does every month at the Apache Cafe and on the road.   At each edition of The Bar Exam, over a dozen artists battle for the top spot and prizes.  The Bar Exam has one primary rule: you either “Pass the Bar” or “Pass the Mic!”  About a minute into each contestants performance the crowd and the judges determine if the contestant either passes the bar and continues performing or OR passes the mic to the next contestant.  This month’s judges were super producer Kid Class (T.I, 21 Savage, Big K.R.I.T) and Smitti Boi

.The winners of the June The Bar Exam competitions in Atlanta and Columbia, SC, Tammaka Staley and Ju Ju, also performed tonight.

Tonight’s contestants were split into three groups with a winner selected from each group to battle it out onstage with a final cypher.  The judges also selected a wild card for the night to participate in the final cypher.

Group A included Troop DZA, Liya That Girl, Ice Gudda and [email protected].

Tammaka Staley has the distinction of being the first spoken word artist to win The Bar Exam.  As the winner of last month’s The Bar Exam she traveled to Atlanta from Columbia, SC to perform before the packed house at The Apache Cafe.  The diminutive and unassuming and without fanfare, Tammaka Staley filled the room with her voice and the words…

They say Black women be the back bone,
They say she the mule, the mop and the hot comb
They say Black folk be a cancer…

Tammaka believes that love should be at the center of everyone’s actions. She closed the night with a poem about what she felt the world needed to know about Black love.

Group B’s contestants were Mz Nicky, Blacc Mel, Kid 20, IKON and B Marie.  

The second featured act, Ju Ju, calls Milwaukee home.  Ju Ju, won last mont’s Bar Exam at the Apache and returned tonight to performed a few of his tracks.  The first was “No Love” which was about not getting the support he needs as an artist.  Followed by “Stay Away” which chronicled his efforts to keep away from negativity.

Group C included Josh F, Shame and Marc Asylum

After some deliberation the judges selected Shame from Group C, Blacc Mel from Group B, and [email protected] from Group A with Troop DZA from Group A as the wild card selection as the finalists for the night.  MicXsiC brought these finalist back to the stage to drop some bars and convince the crowd that they should be the winner of tonight’s The Bar Exam open mic competition.  The final cypher was filled with a lot of excitement.

At the end of the night, the crowd at the Apache Cafe, provided the final verdict on which performer deserved the crown for best performance of the night.  Tonight’s winner will get a chance to record a track in the studio, enjoy some special coverage from Libro Musica and return as the feature act in next month’s The Bar Exam competition.  Once all the votes were tallied Shame emerged as the crowd favorite.