The Coolest Thing I’ve Listened to This Week: Helado Negro’s “Come Be Me”

Helado Negro will be playing with Sylvan Esso, Tune Yards, and Wye Oak at Shakori Hills on September 30. Based in Brooklyn and comprised of South Florida native Roberto Carlos Lange and his limitless imagination, Helado Negro has a modern, gratuitously electronic sound, enriched with a fiercely human feeling. The track “Come Be Me” dropped last month, and it is well worth a listen… or twelve.

The tune starts out with the sort of synth that goes well with late night adult cartoons. (Makes sense that Adult Swim is using the track in its programming this year.) The vocals carry the weight of an emotional history that is too complex to fathom unless it resides in your own mind. There is a tender urgency in Carlos’s voice as he purrs lines like ’Cause I’ve been talking about you / to everyone / so they know / we’rfine. Particularly towards the end of the song, the rhythm bounces like a small purse on a long strap on a long stroll with fast strides, the kind of auditory punctuation that puts the beat in Miami Beach.

This is the sort of song that you can listen to over and over again, and it still sounds cool. I hope to see it live next month in Pittsboro. Add Helado Negro to your Music Library and your life.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: