REVIEW: Angelina Sherie in a Snapshot: Glimpse

Atlanta’s Angelina Sherie has released her debut album, titled Glimpse. In it, listeners get a glimpse into the beautiful mind of the multi-talented artist. An accomplished violinist and singer/songwriter, Angelina’s debut is a scintillating collection of songs marked by an honest recognition of her demons, ultimately vanquishing them with optimism, hope, and persistence. I listened to Glimpse this morning, as the sun was returning from its sojourn to the other side of the world.

The title track is a vocal celebration, with strings and beats that lend a wide range of feeling to the song. It creeps up on you slowly, with luscious vocals and neatly slurring violin, then all of a sudden, the beat is playing tic tac toe with the silence. The juxtaposition of the smooth vocals, piano, and violin with the thumpity thumping beats of the chorus is subtle but powerful. By putting the vocals in different contexts, the different backgrounds infuse the track with a range of attitudes.

In “Stop & Stare” the piano rips through the silence like a swimmer through water, as Angela sings to all the judgers, doubters, and haters. This is the voice of a woman who could wear haute couture and make it work. By now, Glimpse has found its stride, and bounds forward to “Can’t Find Myself,” a song about finding, restoring, and maintaining one’s identity. Surfing on the wave / I lost balance… left the pieces of my soul / out on the ocean / and all I have to show / is broken emotions, sings Angelina, examining in retrospect where she’s been and where she is now. With an infectious hook (featuring echoes of the millennial whoop), “Can’t Find Myself” has a fresh sound that blends vocal and violin melodies with beats layered like the gluten skeleton of a croissant.


The lyrics in “Evergreen” conjure up lush natural environments like those you encounter in places where you don’t get cell reception. This is a place where trees speak, and Angelina’s vocals float through it all like the smell of incense in a shop that sells minimally tailored vestments imported from India. In “Don’t Have” violin punctuates the piano’s running pace like the slats of a water wheel hitting the water. Then come in the vocals, both big and airy at once, like a lavender soufflé. Then the beat drops. The vocals don’t change size with the beat, but rather shift their shapes, taking on the rhythm like an experienced party host mingling with the invites. The chorus, you don’t have nothing / if you don’t have love, is supremely singable. The track is uplifting and melismatic, and shares Angelina’s philosophy of helping others (she has a degree in Social Work and years of experience volunteering with a number of organizations).

Continuing the album’s positivity and uplifting message is “Where Are You Now.” Violin sprawls over a beat to open the song, making way for the first verse. The chord progressions, use of guitar and popcorn percussion, create a universe of encouragement, reassuring the listener and preparing them to receive the message of the final track of the album, “Done Yet.”

As the last song on Glimpse builds up to the chorus, Angelina plays hide and seek with the beat. The lyrics plead with the listener to continue, despite any challenges the universe throws, because there is plenty more to do. If this is war, then why aren’t you fighting? she asks, challenging the listener to do more. The violin riff is something you might hear in a club, a hook that makes everyone move like the button on my juicer instantly pulverizes beets. This is a track to listen to at three in the afternoon when your attention is wandering and your eyelids are heavy. The song is dynamic and engaging,

Overall, Glimpse is a stunning example of vocal prowess paired with introspective songwriting and superb instrumentals. Angelina recently had a concert at The Bassmint for her EP release concert. Listen to Glimpse, celebrate its release, and add Angelina Sherie to your Music Library.

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