REVIEW: Jackie Venson Soars on “Flying”

Jackie Venson has a new single out, called “Flying,” for which she released a video featuring a live performance of the song, which was recorded at Antone’s in her hometown of Austin. “Flying” is a follow-up to her electrifying live album, Jackie Venson Live. Her next album, Transends, is scheduled for release at the end of September.

“Flying” features that thrilling combination of songwriting and guitar that left me with mandible gaping. Jackie sings of the paradoxically growing and circular nature of life, and the value of letting love lead the way. I’ve always been told, ‘Reach for the sky,’ but I’m already high / Love knows no levels / Love knows no levels, she sings, beaming. Throughout the verses, Jackie rocks a rhythm guitar with the perfection and speed close to that of a hummingbird’s flight pattern. At the break, she gets down and dirty with a solo that fluctuates, grows, and grooves, playing with the melody and making it look easy. She then pulls it back to the rhythm, flitting toward the melody like a butterfly to a marigold. All in all, “Flying” is a paean to life in all its permutations, possibilities, and rad rhythm surfing.

If you haven’t heard her music yet, check out the video for “Flying” and give Jackie Venson Live a listen. It’s probably a good idea not to operate heavy machinery while you listen. She is that good.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: