Seersha’s Seven: August Set

Today is August 7 which means it’s time for a fresh batch of Seersha‘s Seven. Each week I (Seersha) create a playlist of 7 new songs via my #musicmondayz Soundcloud playlist, and once a month I compile my favorite tracks from the past 4 weeks to share here at Libro Musica. This month features a spectrum of pop from retro to indie to dream plus future sounds from France. Hope you dig!

Rosi GolanUnderneath
Maybe I’ve been watching too much GLOW (ok, scratch the maybe) but I’m totally into anything tinged with retro feels lately. The driving bass and low-key 80s drum sounds on this track hit the spot. Not to mention Golan’s understated yet earnest vocal. Love the synth-like vocal harmonies in that bridge breakdown and fadeout.

KAYECheshire Kitten
Women like KAYE fuel my fire when it comes to music. I first discovered her when she opened up about being an Asian-American rock musician to NPR¬†and I just wish I had found her earlier. Cheshire Kitten is a groovy rock anthem about being who you are and I’m in love.

Anna StrakerIgnite Me
Some songs completely transport you, and Ignite Me is one of them. I feel immersed in the night scene Straker describes and the feel of the song is both gritty and polished. The 90s-esque production and lovely touches like the iMessage sound and ad libs are brilliant.

ayo riverPorcelain
So I admittedly found ayo river via Instagram. The animated cover for Porcelain caught my eye so I listened. I’m not sure what I expected but this bonafide indie gem was a welcome departure from what I’m used to hearing in the ATL-scene. Lead singer Weston Taylor expertly wields his voice to create a melancholy-tinged narrative and the production is lush yet skillfully restrained. Very pumped for their record, Failed State, out later this month (August 22).

GEMS.You In My Dream Pt. 1
GEMS. has been and remains an influence in my own writing and production and I love the continued evolution of their sound. This hazy dream pop tune is singular and familiar at the same time. Obsessed with those layered vocals and subtle hi-hats tucked in the background.

I mean, you look at this record cover, with the high-waisted shorts and bright red rose and you know you’re gonna get some retro-tinged vibes. Normally I wouldn’t be into the affected-vocal thing, but I think it works for Skela and brings the sound into the present. An all-around, fun end-of-summer song.

STULemon Juice
I need to round out this playlist with some real future sounds courtesy of Montpellier, France. Tart and refreshing, next level sound design. Bravo.

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