Al Chauncy at Smith’s Olde Bar

Smith’s Olde Bar was the latest stop for Al Chauncy the “Son of Soul.”  With backup singers and a full band, Al Chauncy brought a show reminiscent of 50’s, and 60’s soul reviews.  Like performers from those eras, Al Chauncy is a writer and singer that combines dancing and a bit of comedy with his show to great effect.

Al Chauncy describes his shows as “…  pure bliss and excitement.  I’m like a moving freight train… a 250 pound freight train on stage.  I have a lot of fun, I am very energetic. I don’t stand in one place.  I interact with the crowd.  I believe that you have to give the crowd an experience.  Not just a show but an experience.”

An experience it was!  Take a listen to “Stick ‘Em Up!” and enjoy the freight train in motion.

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