Funky Geezer at Davidson Street Public House

Sunday evening I caught Funky Geezer in his own neighborhood. Woody Williams, the Funky Geezer (maybe you caught him on America’s Got Talent a couple years ago), brought his rapscallion blues and funk and wide-spanning songwriting to the French fry-scented air at the Davidson Street Public House.

With songs like “Granma’s Feelin Frisky Tonight” and “My Old Mule Got Stoned” he entertained and made the crowd laugh. With others, like “Spread Your Wings,” he painted a picture of a very serious, very real life in ombré shades with his deep, Velveeta-smooth voice. Whether somber or silly, Woody’s songwriting skills are stunning, as are the feats of digital agility that he adds to the guitar line every few bars or so. I heard others in the crows wondering out loud “just how old is he?” it is clear from the music Woody creates that while his physical body may have been around for WWII, his mind and spirit are timeless.

If you’re ever in Noda and you see a skinny man in overalls with a guitar, stop and listen. Funky Geezer’s music is brimming with decades of wisdom and soul.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: