Hadley Elizabeth Debuts New Singles at Eddie’s Attic

Hadley Elizabeth performs a no nonsense traditional brand of country music.  This style fits her well!  The Nashville based rising country singer, song writer and musician has a voice and lyrics that don’t need gimmicks or the latest trend to capture your attention.  I had a chance to see her perform this weekend at Eddie’s Attic in downtown Decatur.  Hadley Elizabeth is a regular at Tootsie’s in Nashville and returned home to Atlanta to perform before friends, family and fans here at Eddie’s Attic.

[Thanks to Jean Bartlett for helping to capture images from tonight’s show]

The night started off with Hadley Elizabeth doing a cover of Miranda Lambert’s “Tin Man.”  When asked about this choice to open the show, Hadley explained:

I open every acoustic show with this song because not only is Miranda Lambert one of my favorite artists she also put her heart into that song.  I am inspired by the way she found a way to turn the hurt of her divorce into a successful album.

She continued her set with a number of well performed covers: “One Number Away” by Luke Combs, “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks, “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Mirand Lambert, and Janis Joplin’s arrangement of “Bobby McGee.”

On her own originals is where Hadley Elizabeth’s talent truly shined.  “My Rulz” is a song that she laughs and described to me as “a song about boys.”  Ah the joy of youth!  Despite her youth “My Rulz” is a song with a wise message that many of us women should pay attention to:  don’t let the boys take advantage of you and make certain that any relationship is on our terms.

Hadley Elizabeth closed her set with her touching original song “Good Guys.”  “Good Guys” is a solemn song about her biological father who turned out to not be one of the good guys.  Accompanying Hadley Elizabeth on “Good Guys” was Barry Richman on acoustic guitar and Robert Meadows on the baby grand piano.

Hadley Elizabeth is definitely a talented country singer that you should pay attention to.  Her star is rising and it was a pleasure to hear her live at this stage in her career.  When she reflects on her career and her music she says “I want my voice to impact the person that listens to my music.”  With the songs “My Rulz” and “Good Guys” done, I anticipate more music from her that will impact our spirits.  Add her to your music library and be on the lookout for great new music from her.


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