Hope’s Anchor Brings Encouragement On Stage at MadLife Stage

Hope’s Anchor proves once again that christian worship music doesn’t need to be constrained to the church on Sunday morning or afternoon.  On a Thursday night in Woodstock, Hope’s Anchor brought their rock infused message of encouragement to the stage at MadLife Stage & Studios.

Hope’s Anchor is Shawn “Swift” Johnson on vocals, harry Wolle on bass & vocals, Ray Hemms on Guitar and Jeff Wood on drums and vocals.  The band describes their music in this way:

Our band’s focus was always to write “what’s on our heart” in a style that we like. We never set out to be a Worship/Christian band. We just realized that we’re a band, made up of Christians; and that our music/message speaks for itself. From a performance perspective, we love playing in any type of venue. We’ve performed in nightclubs/bars as well as churches. If we’re deemed a “cross-over” band, we’re more than willing to embrace and run with that label.

The music of Hope’s Anchor does indeed speak for itself.  It was a pleasure to capture tonight’s show.  Check them out and add them to your Music Library.

Hope’s Anchor Performing “Shout It” at MadLife

Hope’s Anchor Performing “Rain” at MadLife


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