Mandi Strachota Saunters with Soul in video for “These Shoes”

Mandi Strachota has a new video out for “These Shoes,” one of the songs off her album Unleashed. Atlanta-born, Wisconsin-raised, this is the artist’s first solo album, her first album, Fly, was recorded with Larry Griffith. Unlike Fly, Unleashed is the creation of Mandi’s striking out on her own as a musician, without the influences of others.

Produced by Coco Archery Productions, the video for “These Shoes” features Mandi walking the streets in a variety of stylish footwear, soon joined by her friends – humans and canines are well represented in her crew – and ending in a dance party. Mandi uses the shoe to represent something that both attaches her to the earth and elevates her above it. What it looks like is purely up to the wearer. The weirder, the better – as long as it’s all “in key.” The lyrics are a delight to listen to, shifting the rhythm from low and slow to speedier and choppier, in a way that particularly tickles my cochlea.

Mandi’s voice carries a strength which creates an unstoppable persona while delivering the upbeat lyrics. In the Atlanta music scene Mandi Strachota is a voice who should be heard far and wide. So watch the video for “These Shoes,” turn it up, and make it your anthem.

Join Mandi Strachota on Sunday, September 24th, for the Unleashed Album Release Party at Darwin’s Burgers and Blues.

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