Rebelution Brings Good Vibes to the Tabernacle

The Rebelution Good Vibes Tour delivered a show that was exactly that, undoubtedly a good vibe!  Tonight’s sold out reggae rock show at The Tabernacle in Atlanta was filled with a community of people filled with positive energy.  When talking with some of the attendees prior to the show, one of the guests described attending this concert as similar to attending a church service.

It truly was a spiritual awakening and invigorating display of artistic expression through music. Before the show even started the people in attendance were emitting such a wonderful vibe you would have to work hard to allow yourself to feel anything other than happiness. The messages these artists conveyed was something remarkable and they set a guideline for how we should go about our daily lives with a positive and loving vibration.  In addition to the positive messages Rebelution’s music addresses corruption in our government and they encouraged their fans to use their voice to spread love.

When I looked out in the crowd during the show all I was dancing bodies feeling the music resonating within their souls, and smiling faces singing along in agreement with the positive messages being transmitted from one heart to the next. The crowd was an example of togetherness that Rebelution was singing about.  If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to indulge then i would suggest giving Rebelution a listen. Ziggy Marley once said that love is his religion.  Love is definitely our religion! Positive energy and actions are a must have in a negative world where our leaders are corrupted by greed. Freedom is our birthright!

To sum up the Good Vibes Tour stop at the Tabernacle in Atlanta:  I had a damn good time which has created a damn good vibe that has carried over into today!

Add Rebelution  to your music library and add some good vibes to your life!

Erika Johnson Written by: