REVIEW: Brandon Whitley – All the Little Things

Brandon Whitley and his crew churn out some of the freshest alt-country Georgia has seen in a while. With Dalton Russ on bass, Kyle Barnes on drums, and Jeff Matthews on drums and vocals, and Brandon in the lead on vocals and guitar, they have a new EP titled All the Little Things. It’s a six-song pick-me-up that you can pick up tomorrow at the release (and maybe win a guitar in the process) at the Jug Tavern Festival. The Libro Musica team is thrilled to have worked with Brandon Whitley on developing the photos for his EP photo credits to Kari Leigh London.

As “All the Little Things” starts up finger picked waves of gratitude pour out of my Sennheisers. The video for the track, features Brandon and his lady friend, hanging out on their porch, eating smores, and enjoying each other’s company.

We go deep into Brandon’s mind and heart in “Reminds Me Of You.” The drums pound like late afternoon rain on your windshield on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the vocals see Brandon shifting his voice, twisting and turning and rising and falling, each word he sings imbued with a longing for something that – in this moment – is only a memory.

“There She Goes” pairs picked guitar with electric notes, as the lyrics touch upon the life of a woman who searches for something elusive that never seems to find her. Brandon, the witness, sings as the guitar cries softly, shifting notes as easily as the subject of the song switches zip codes. “You Were Wrong” strikes up with low and full acoustic notes that lend a serious tone to the track. Brandon sings with profound sadness, heart-wrenched, as if not even his guitar could speak to the pain he feels.

. The album ends with “Alotta Love,” a track that balances a light melody with heavy rhythm. The vocals seem to come from somewhere deeper than Brandon’s throat, deeper than his lungs, even, and serve to end the album positively, a contrasting resolution to the low beginning.

This Saturday is the big EP release show for All the Little Things. Go see Brandon Whitley and The Plain Janes at Jug Tavern Park in Winder. If you can’t make it, give All the Little Things a listen. You’ll be grateful you did.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: