Seersha’s Seven: September Set

It’s time for the September set of Seersha‘s Seven, y’all (check that alliteration). Each week I (Seersha) create a playlist of 7 new songs via my #musicmondayz Soundcloud playlist, and once a month I compile my favorite tracks from the past 4 weeks to share here at Libro Musica. I’ve got mostly dreamy electro vibes for you this week, but some alternative/rock snuck in as well. By the way, I’m typing this at 30,000 feet en route to Japan, so I’m taking a break from my weekly playlists in September–but don’t worry, Libro Musica and I will have a special edition Seersha’s Seven next month!

jellyskin – Snow Sky
There is a loose, vintage videogame feel to this “psychedelic shoegaze” song that I really enjoy. I wish we got a little more of the vocal in the mix, but the way it’s tucked back and textural still works for me. I hope this Leeds-based band keeps “putting the droll back in rock and roll.”

Blood Cultures – Detroit
This vocal melody is super catchy, and all the parts of the song from the bouncy synth foundation to the sparkling synth embellishments and spacey drums work together to hook me. This is one of those songs you can put on studying, in the car, or as a chill party soundtrack. Don’t sleep on Blood Cultures.

Cuesta Loeb – Festival 2017
I love how, when the electronic elements of this song kick in, it feels pleasantly unexpected and fresh, as does Loeb’s voice. This great little composition has me hitting replay as soon as it ends (it’s just 2 minutes long). As much as I hate to see summer come to an end, this is the vibe to get us through the last chill hangs of sunshine season.

The Killers – Wonderful, Wonderful
Normally my MO is covering indie material, but I’m so into this song I can’t resist. I’m admittedly a little biased; The Killers can basically do no wrong in my book. But the imagery in the song brought to life by Flowers’ voice, and the sound palette they chose gives me goosebumps every time. There is this sonic paradox of desolation and desperation, and faith and hope. With everything going on in the world right now, this is the song I needed. I can’t wait to hear this live at Infinite Energy Arena in January.

Lupa J – Keep Back
Admittedly there’s nothing in this track that strikes me as revolutionary, but sometimes I’m really ok with that. Lupa J has impressive vocal control and her tone reminds me of Karen Oh of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Emily Haines of Metric. The track itself takes me back to my addicted-to-early La Roux phase, brought into 2017. Solid all around; this one will stay in my rotation for a good while.

Cassia – Sink
To me this song is what would happen if the Strokes lived by the beach. And listened to that modern folk music where the lead vocalist sings in a bit of an affected way, but it’s not annoying. A fun little alt-rock track that puts a spring in my step.

Beca – Captivity
I feel like this infectious, retro-tinged pop song is not getting the appreciation it deserves. Beca’s vocal performance suits the production perfectly. The synth beds are brilliant. And there are some clever turns of phrase and fresh writing I really dig. The whole song is, dare I say it, captivating. Someone please put this on the GLOW season 2 soundtrack.

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