PUNK BLACK Festival Edition III

PUNK BLACK Festival Edition III , a showcase of music, art and culture, was held at the The Back House Theatre at 368 Ponce.  For the third year PUNK BLACK has pulled together people of color to put on an alt-rock infused punk music festival.  One of the primary goals of the PUNK BLACK movement is to increase the representation of people of color in the media and local punk music scene.  When yah think of punk, metal, alt-rock and people hopping and thrashing in the mosh pit my melanin infused sisters and brothers don’t typically come to mind.

But, this weekend in the back yard of the Big House, punk rockers of many shades hit the stage and dance floor to rock, pulse, thrash and scream to the heavens that PUNK BLACK is alive and growing.  The PUNK BLACK Festival Edition III line up included: KillerKrocThe KonvalescentThrowdown Syndicate; Royal Sun; SAMURAI SHOTGUNErzulieConkrete GODPzzyfoot; Howling Star; The Last Autumn and BearKnuckle.

What did it feel like to attend PUNK BLACK Festival Edition III and to be a part of the PUNK BLACK movement?

Times are changing, but at all costs, we must be a force for good.  We must respect Freedom. We must respect love (in all forms). We must respect one another. We must not judge.

We must love one another, no matter how different we are culturally, physically, spiritually, sexually, etc.  We are in the same family. Let’s be one in this time of change. We need each other mutually.

Last night at  PUNK BLACK Festival Edition III – I felt this love and mutual respect. Von Phoenix and Salem Arkkade Kult Metacom have the mojo for change and love and I am glad to be a part of this movement.

Music will bring people together and break all barriers!”  Joey Smith of Pzzyfoot

Antonius captured some of the excitement on stage in the images below.


The Konvalescent


Samurai Shotgun

Royal Sun


PUNK BLACK puts on a monthly showcase of artists here in Atlanta.  Check out the PUNK BLACK Facebook Events Page to find out about future shows.

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